Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Red China Questions Obama's Big Government Solutions!!!

To fund the big government takeover of further chunks of our private lives the government needs to borrow trillions of dollars. As befitting the socialization of America, the government goes hat in hand to communist China to beg for loans. That gives communist China sway over our form of life. I guess Obama's betrayal of free China, Taiwan, wasn't enough give and give for China, so now China is doubting the veracity of Oba Mao.

China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform

Communist China doubts the economic viability of Obama's plans and the general truthfulness of the administration? This admission should be a wake up call to the voters in this country. Every person should sit back and take a long hard think over the fact that economic conservatives have rung the warning bell over government spending for decades and now, ultra liberal communists are ringing the bell as well. That is a stunner that should make every voter run from this administration and the liberals controlling the Democrat Party.

My Dad always said the socialists were just dreamers without the discipline of the communists and the creativity of the capitalists.