Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ron Paul On Who Killed 3,000 + WTC Victims

Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush

And all of us.

ALL of US, except RonPaulBoy (RPBs) supporters. They knew. THEY KNEW!

Oh, and the architect of WTC 1 & II. Wasn't he an Arab or something? Or a middle eastern type guy. Or gal. Or weirdo.

THEY PLANNED. As did Osama bin Laden. Oh, my dear God, don't forget George W. Bush. Ooh, and George Herbert Walker Bush. And the ghost of Ronald Reagan. And Roosevelt, Teddy not Franklin D. and Jefferson.

Black helicopters are swarming. Unfortunately, the rest of us can't see them.

Luckily e-bay is selling RP paraphernalia hand over fist.

40,000 sales at present. Out of 301,139,947 people in America. That is smoking. Just like the first Monkees album. Without Davy Jones. Or a beat.

Stevie Ray Vaghan would cry a river. Make a Texas flood.

There is Texas and there is texas.

Would the defenders of the Alamo buy this crap? No.

We, the United States of America, caused 9/11? No.

The only people more crazy than RP are RPBs. They are at least two genetic steps below Lyndon LaRouche.

Don't come a knockin...

This country is rockin...

Without their help.

Or without the help of Lyndon "I'm outta prison" LaRouche.

Bully Beats on Wimp Over Iraq, Both Lose

Mr. James Webb showed his talent for working with his peers while remaining stenatorial in his normal practice of brow beating.
Tempers flare on Iraq

"Why don't you go look at the polls, Lindsey, instead of the seven or
eight people that are put in front of you when you make your congressional

Webb is an amoral ass. He is also a semi-intellectual moron. Polls? Might as well be Poles. Allen gave him the seat by being one seat down the food chain.

Why are Democrats so afraid of beating the terrorists in Iraq. Better put, why do they want to lose?

Webb is nothing more than a school yard bully. My sister would have kicked him in the .......

UPDATE: Oh yeah, I've had e-mail. My little sister is about four years older than me and a total, absolute pistol and I love her unto death. At a threatening 5'2", she can kick the air out of whatever soccer ball you want to put in front of her. You wanna play field hockey? You will lose. She is that good.

And that deadly. I know.

Chairman Finally Sees Eye To Eye With Enemy


Chairman Short met his match. Squirrels with eavesdropping devices have been listening in on Iranian defenses. My Mahmoud gnawed on a pistachio as he interrogated the squirrels one by one chucking the shell to the side as he wistfully gazed at the horizon of his future. Local villagers rushed to grab the shell hoping to make a meal for their families as Ahmadinejad retreated to his matchbox for reflection.

The lucky winner praised Allah as his provider. The others stoned him as an apostate. The shell's location is unknown, but Pakistani authorities expressed an opinion that the shell had been detained for questioning.

When asked for comment the squirrels squeaked before they were ushered off for formal finger printing, but their Iranian lawyers stated that Ziomericans are not allowed to be quoted in the Free Republic of Iran.

Chairman Ahmadinejad stated before leaving for a viewing of naked finger tips in a neighboring village that "These damned Zionist rodents are everywhere. First we will nuke the Jewish ant and then the Zionist rodent. With the grace of Allah, Bush will learn what burning really means. Get it? Burning, Bush, but I only chuckle myself."

Alice, in Wonderland, has not returned repeated calls for comment.

HT Dinah Lord for a great read...

Sammy bin Laden's greatest Hits 2001

“New” Osama video released

His new name might be Sammy Been Laidlow.


"The Krak of the Knights, described by T.E. Lawrence as 'the best preserved and most wholly admirable castle in the world,' is the easternmost of a chain of five castles sited so as to secure the Homs Gap...The castle stands upon a southern spur of the Gebel Alawi, on the site of an earlier Islamic 'Castle of the Kurds.' In 1142 it was given by Raymond, Count of Tripoli, into the care of the Knights Hospitallers, and it was they who, during the ensuing fifty years, remodelled and developed it as the most distinguished work of military architecture of its time.

Tick Off a RINO & a Liberal - Fight Back for Iraq

This not just a great read, but a great idea as well.

My Cyber Counter-jihad
by Shannen RossmillerMiddle East
QuarterlySummer 2007

On September 3, 2004, a nine-member officer's panel at Fort Lewis,
Washington, found Specialist Ryan G. Anderson guilty of five counts of seeking
to aid the enemy during a time of war and attempted espionage. The court martial
subsequently sentenced him to five concurrent life terms for his crimes. To
date, the sentence represents the most severe penalty meted out to a U.S.
citizen in President George W. Bush's global war on terror. The case also marked
the triumph of the new field of cyber counterterrorism, which I helped develop.
Working from my home computer, I enabled Anderson's capture. There have since
been more than 200 other cases although many of these were intelligence cases
that, for various reasons, did not result in criminal prosecution.

Hmmm, do they teach a Jihadi 101 language course at OSU?

Big HT to My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for this.

Congress Wants Mid-Course Mulligan

Republican Senators Call for New War Authorization

“Senator Warner and I recognize that there is broad disagreement in
Congress on what I have called the ‘binary choice between surge and withdrawal,’ ” Mr. Lugar said. “Nevertheless, we also have sensed a palpable desire in this
body to achieve greater bipartisanship.”

Mr. Lugar, do you ever get a palpable desire to destroy the terrorists in Iraq and shame them worldwide?