Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zack "Skip a Space" Is Losing Playmates

While some unions will support Zack Space (imagine the price), others are still sore over Space not voting for the union boondoggle known as Health Care Reform. Cynics might be inclined to see Space's 'no' vote on HCR as political posturing by a politician who reads tea leaves more than constituent mail.

Fear of GOP takeover forces unions to back Dems critical of health

Meanwhile, Space missed another 'Meet the Candidates' night in his district.

Ohio Dems Avg Day: TVs For POs And Judges For Sale

Well, the Ohio Democrat Machine is running a tad bad today. What with a former Democratic chairman, union officials, judges, a county commissioner, school board members, an ex-mayor, county employees, contractors, an auditor and his son all being charged with a plethora of charges such as bribery and taking gifts such as a talkative "massage" giver.

“I just said, she gives a massage. Is that how we're going to start her out?” Dimora tells a buddy in a conversation secretly taped by investigators.

I'm thinking by "start her out" he means getting her certified to be a union plumbing assistant.

I knew things are bad in the land of the Cuyahoga, but trading television sets for contracts? I'm trusting they were really big flat screens that didn't "fall" off a Teamster truck.
Investigators say the younger Russo conspired to trade television sets for consulting contracts.
The courts will take care of all this, right? Uh, maybe not.
According to the indictment, Dimora bribed McCafferty and Terry to influence litigation (cases) in their respective courtrooms.

The unions should really do something about judge's pay so judges don't have to moonlight in other jobs such as being bribees.

Ohio Democrats never tire in their work to improve the lives of Democrats Ohio's workers. That's why Team Strickland never sleeps.