Monday, August 22, 2011

Religion Saving Society, Poor Atheists Not

Community based on tradition has always been the foundation of successful societies. Religion has been the rock upon the which the common weal succeeds. In recent decades this has been under attack, very successfully, and now we find ourselves in the midst of a society that props up mediocrity and funds total failure and that society points to their result as the need to do more of it. Failure has become a government program and it will grow as the failure of government at all levels grows.

Now we find that it is not the traditionalists that are ignorant, but those that say they are.

Inequality Grows As Poor, Ignorant Atheists Swamp US

In fact, some recent research reveals, it is almost the other way round.  According to the American Sociological Association, the uneducated and the poor (often of course the same people) are dropping God like a hot brick; the ‘bitter clingers’ are increasingly better educated and more affluent than the unchurched.
Second, the increasing disconnect between many poor and poorly educated Americans and the values and ideas that make for success in this society is in part a consequence of efforts by well meaning liberals to keep religion out of schools.  By what we teach and what we don’t teach, what we talk about and where the silences are, we convey clear messages to young children.  We have been broadcasting a clear message to two generations of young people that religion doesn’t matter.

The greatest victims of this fraud and deceit are, as usual, the most vulnerable and needy among us.

The "reforms" within historical churches (Episcopal comes to my mind) have done great damage to society as they have run away from their charge to help those least able to help themselves within their communities and lobbied for the government to do so on their behalf codifying an atheist hand-out society of poor and illiterate people.