Wednesday, October 08, 2008


ACORN - a community organizer group- is a socialist organization that has been fleecing the American public for years, cheating in the political arena, costing tax payers billions of dollars and is a group that works everyday to undermine our political system helping the Democratic Party. They are working for Barrack Obama because Barrack Obama used to work for them.

Their immediate goal is to steal elections all across the nation.

They steal elections through voter fraud, voter intimidation and raise money by shaking down business. Just like the mafia.

Their long term goal is the redistribution of wealth in America. Just like communists.

Obama helped ACORN in its lawsuit to impose President Bill Clinton’s 1993 National Voter Registration Act, nicknamed “Motor Voter,” according to Chicago ACORN leader Toni Foulkes. "Motor Voter", arguably a total fraud, has been one-upped in many swing states with the new instant registration/instant vote scheme designed to pump up votes for Obama by dragging the homeless, bums, drunks and students in to vote for Obama immediately because they are unreliable and won't show up on election day. A typical ACORN tactic. A typical fraud.

It is not racist. It is ballot integrity.

Let's see, pointing out voter fraud is racist. Pointing out financial fraud by Democrats is racist. Pointing out where one disagrees with Obama is racist. Not wanting to pay for fraudulent mortgages is racist. But treating blacks as if they are incapable of voting, getting a mortgage and deciding who to vote for is not racist, it is the liberal love of sensitivity for those less capable than them. Ahem, that is racist.

Of the 19 foreign terrorists who struck America on 9/11, 6 were registered to vote.

ACORN was caught in their registration fraud through a verification process by the board of elections and because each registration form was identified by serial numbers the fraudulent forms were traced back to ACORN. Watch for ACORN to cite privacy and ballot integrity to have any registration form identification removed to prevent their fake registrations from being traced back to them. Hell, they've already made it illegal to ask for voter identification because it might suppress the vote of minorities and illegal voters. Of course, it also suppresses the graveyard vote which is a major concern for Obama and other Chicago politicians.

Obama has called us racists. Barney Frank has called us racists. Maybe the Democrats can ask Sen. Bob Byrd, D-WV, to take off his KKK hood long enough to call us racist.