Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Congratulations Obama, Pelosi & Reid!!


Great job morons.

Schumer Should Forgo Personal Protection Because He's A Hypocrite About Health Care Foes

Chuckie, as usual, wants to go for the cheap shot to make a point. Chuckie just works that way. Must be because kids hated him as a kid. You could say they beat the Christmas rush.

Chuckie thinks those against ObamaCare shouldn't have health care. Really Chuckie? Let's look at some of your statements and stands.

Schumer should forgo protection by the military and law enforcement officials because when the vote is important he votes against them. Oh, he votes for union supported legislation, but he votes against the line soldier and the line law enforcement officer. Always. And he votes against victims of crime, for the perpetrators of crime and against the security interests of America.

But, Chuckie wants to make a point.

Schumer: Health care foes should forgo coverage

ObamaCare foes believe that Americans should have health care coverage, but just not ObamaSocialist anti-constitution mandated care. Chuckie knows that, but wants his beautiful face to get more face time with the cameras so he runs his mouth like a child telling a fantasy.
I hope Chuckie is the face and voice of the Democratic Party for the next few years because that's all it would take for an overwhelming Republican majority in both houses.
Chuckie is a voice that is no longer relevant.

Time For Congress To Demand We Drill And Tell The Negatives To Shut Up

Why is Congress working against Americans?


It's almost as if they are abetting our enemies both domestic and foreign.

When To Realize You Have Just Become Bothersome

They say they're not against balancing our budget, they're just for taxing "rich" people more and they have a "poll" that supposedly says 61% of voters want to do that to balance the budget. Yeah, and raising taxes in Ohio will make Ohio strong when prosperity returns.

Cops, Docs, Kids and Ohio Need You

It’s no secret that Ohio's revenues have fallen behind what's needed. In response, our state has traditionally relied on reducing services that help communities and vulnerable families.

In our next budget, we face a record shortfall of up to $8 billion. Schools, police, hospitals, libraries and other critical services we all depend on face grave cuts.

One Ohio Now believes there’s a better way. By closing tax loopholes, balancing corporate responsibilities and reforming the personal income tax, we can make sure our state emerges strong when prosperity returns.

Hello? How the heck will prosperity return to Ohio when actual taxpayers are fleeing the state to states where they are permitted to keep more of what they earn?

Government Unions Could Control Us?

Yes and that's why it is incredibly stupid to allow them to exist.

Snowplow Slowdowns Might Become American Way: Kevin Hassett

I think the union leaders and their accomplices should face murder charges, given a fair trial and then hang in Times Square. But that's just me.