Saturday, July 10, 2010

Harvard Schmarvard Lies And Spies

While attending Ohio State Medical School my father was given the suggestion that he should attend Harvard Med so as to be challenged more. After a term at Harvard he appeared back at OSMS and announced that if he wanted to fix noses and "asses" he would have originally gone to Harvard. He was welcomed back with open arms and graduated at the top of his class. He thought Harvard a tick off by half. When he reattached fingers and such, in the 1960's, his patients thought him spot on.

That leavesHarvard. The nation’s premier Ivy League U.S. president mass-production facility has yet to yank the degree it bestowed on Russky spy Andrey Bezrukov, who was presenting as “Donald H. Heathfield,” a dead Canadian, when handed his sheepskin in 2000.

Years ago as a young man and before my father died, he made me promise that I would not attend Harvard. I promised. I never had the heart to admit later, at the appropriate age, that Harvard had less use for me than I for it. Yale and Princeton wanted me. I had other ideas. I believe it was a win-win-win-win for all.

Did you know that students at Harvard protested, actually rioted, against our revolution against England? 'Nough said.

Lies and spies and Harvard. English Prep. Inbred. Degrees. Bought. Sold.

A normal display of shameful behavior served in quadrants, no doubt. Makes it more palatable when served arrogantly cold. Meter, my good man is the basic. Then logic, passion and restraint. Possibly, then truth.

LeBron Gone - Thanks Democrats

When I left to work in Manhattan and then Washington DC, Ohio had one of the lowest tax rates in America. When I returned I was shocked to find out what had happened to my state. Ohio more closely resembled the People's Republic of Montgomery County , Maryland than the people and business friendly state I had left years before.

Taxes mean never having to say you're sorry... for leaving

We come not to praise or bury LeBron James, but only to note that by moving to Miami he's going to save a bundle on taxes. ... Florida has no income tax. The rate in Akron, Ohio is a little over 7%.

Mr. James figures to earn close to $100 million in salary over five seasons in Miami. According to an analysis by Richard Vedder, an economist at Ohio University, Mr. James's net present value tax savings on his salary are between $6 million and $8 million by living in Miami versus his home town of Akron. Professional athletes do have to pay other state taxes for the dates they play in visiting team arenas, but most of Mr. James's considerable endorsement income would be taxed at Florida rates.

The tax comparisons looked even worse for two other teams in the LeBron bidding, the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets. ... While LeBron's departure got extraordinary media attention, it is hardly unique. In the early 1990s, Ohio was the home of 43 Fortune 500 companies. Twenty years later the number is 24. Census Bureau data show that from 2004-2008 Ohio saw a net outmigration of $6 billion of income and some 97,000 taxpayers. Even Ohio's famously liberal Senator, the late Howard Metzenbaum, moved to Florida late in his life to reduce his estate taxes. (emphasis mine)

We feel for Cleveland fans, but maybe they should allocate some of their wrath to the state politicians who keep driving high-income individuals and their businesses to financially sunnier climes.

Maybe LeBron left to be with his playmates, but Ohio taxes made it an easier decision. Just ask Howard.