Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Weiner Should Keep His Seat

Really. He should. I've rethought my position and think this could be a learning experience for the nation.

The Demos should keep him as a shining example of their ethics in their pantheon of crime, no punishment and hypocrisy. If you just add Weiner to the swamp that Madam Pelosi and Hapless Harry Reid have built, the stench might get worse, but how much worse can it stink than it already does? And every time the Demos start up with their faux moral crap we can talk about our people that have been given their walking papers when they've pulled this type of crime and how they, the Demos, just promote their filthy trash to higher positions of power.

And, we can, over and over, remind the world of Weiner's full monty that he sent to strippers, porno queens, coeds, married women that were disgusted by his perversion and probably more than a few under age girls.