Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eugene Luther Vidal, Jr. Embarrasses US and Himself

What do you get when a preening has-been, who never was, except for an exceptionally tart tongue, speaks to that which he has no knowledge?

'100 years to recover from Bush'

It will take the United States a century to recover from the damage wreaked by President George. W Bush, US writer Gore Vidal said in an interview published on Saturday.

"The president behaved like a virtual criminal but we didn't have the courage to sack him for fear of violating the American constitution," Vidal told the El Mundo newspaper.

The author, a trenchant critic of the US-led invasion of Iraq, said it would take the United States "100 years to repair the damage" caused by Bush.

"We live in a dictatorship. We have a fascist government ...which controls the media," he said.

Vidal also said presidential aspirant Barack Obama was "intelligent" adding that it would be a "novelty" to have an "intelligent" person in the White House.

It will probably take a thousand years to recover from the damage of strikingly empty yet pretentious novels written and foisted on students worldwide by agenda driven authors and their agent professors. In a world of vapid artistry and shallow intellectualism, Eugene Luther Vidal, Jr, aka, Gore Vidal, remade himself into a queen's court jester and a renowned author and bon vivant when he is actually a lonely little boy with no meaning or direction in his miserably cheap life. Or he's just po'd that Capote out smarms him alive or dead.

A short (very) novella of Vidal in his own words:

Chapter 1. I can understand companionship. I can understand bought sex in the afternoon. I cannot understand the love affair.

Chapter 2. Never miss a chance to have sex or appear on television.

Chapter 3. Any American who is prepared to run for president should automatically, by definition, be disqualified from ever doing so.

Epilogue. I might be President by now if it weren't for this 'queer' thing.

And Europeans take this little, lonely, bitter old man seriously. Sad for both.