Friday, December 08, 2006

CNN auditions to be new AP

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"President Bush didn’t just drink the Kool-Aid, he made it."

Suzanne Malveaux: “President Bush and his closest ally, British Prime
Minister Tony Blair, have stood shoulder to shoulder on the Iraq war since the
very beginning. Critics calling Mr. Bush ‘the cowboy’ for stubbornly leading the
charge, and Mr. Blair ‘the poodle’ for obediently following. But three years
since the U.S. invasion, the two are still adamant their Iraq mission is sound.
President Bush didn’t just drink the Kool-Aid, he made it. But perhaps now it’s
a little less sweet.”

Jeanne Kirkpatrick - Reflection

I didn't know Amb. Kirkpatrick. We were not friends. I was privileged to be around her, see her speak, publicly and privately, and I studied her in small work groups. I was very privileged.

Others will recount her accomplishments, the mountains she climbed and the mountains she just moved out of her way. That this woman was a friend of freedom is an understatement. To me, at least, she personified the best of the United States of America. That she rose in a time of giants makes her that much more.

Most young men's journey to the halls of power in DC are accompanied by hopes of being of some importance. Once there, mine were accompanied more so by a hope of not being a fool.

In a small planning meeting, with 5 other people and Mrs. Kirkpatrick, I found myself off to the side with strict instructions to not be seen nor heard, but to observe and take notes. Mrs. Kirkpatrick quietly took charge of the meeting when it appeared to lag, showing a sense of decorum that belied her impatience. The group's planning soon searched out new ideas and avenues of possibility far beyond the original intent giving birth to an ideal resolution to the problem.

There was a sense of relief in the group as people sat back to gather their thoughts and Mrs Kirkpatrick looked at my employer and said something like "We're a bunch of curmudgeons here, let's ask the future" and looked at me. I answered as best as I could hoping not to be foolish and lose my job, but I did more than appear just foolish, I confirmed my status as group idiot. Red faced, I knew I was headed back to Ohio.

Mrs. Kirkpatrick smiled that smile and chuckled and saved my ass. She looked at my boss, also impatient and brilliant, and reminded him that his most embarrassing moments rose from speaking his heart first, not his mind, and how that had not only not hindered his rise in the world, but had enhanced his reputation for "no bullshit".

For another hour or so people lingered and talked and told "war stories" of their years in politics. As I sat mortified against the wall someone produced a bottle and some sips were enjoyed by the rest of the group. After all had left, my boss looked at me and said "That fine lady saved your ass by making me think before reacting. Remember that and you will have an equivalent of a PhD in politics."

Thank you. RIP.

Jeanne Kirkpatrick - Rest in Peace

This is just plain WRONG

Deputy Dresses As Elf To Catch Speeders
150 Drivers Ticketed In About 2 Hours
1. Find out who thought this up
2. Fill his stocking with crap
3. Make them wear the stocking