Saturday, February 11, 2012

EPA Costing Jobs, Higher Utility Bills And Lower Tax Revenues To Communities

The EPA, America’s newest legislative body, is at it again.

With the closing of these plants as well as the others in the region, according to reports, not only will the power be scarcer there, but also in the Northern Virginia area and region, especially at peak periods. Energy experts say 33 GWs of electicity will be lost. If the average home uses 0.00001104 Giga Watts per year a loss of 33 Giga Watts will affect 2, 989,130 of the 109,000,000 of year round occupied homes which is approximately 27% of the occupied homes in the United States of America. That is a lot of power to make up.

It is estimated that 1200 + plants will be closed in the next few years raising consumer costs by about 14% as well as increasing unemployment and the loss of taxes to local communities. A lose, lose, lose. On the other hand government experts and their allies say that the cost savings in health will offset the plant closings.

Yep, this has been well thought out, eh?