Friday, January 19, 2007

Liberal losers and their "new" Vietnam

Robert Redford and all the fools at Sundance
Brett Morgen and his nostalgic look at the Chicago Seven and the riots that tore the city apart

These are just two of the people trying desperately to tie Vietnam to Iraq and if they succeed with this they will then tie Cambodia (and Pol Pot) to Afghanistan. And on and on. It is all about giving a Gucci a chance to give their "peace" a chance. That means millions are going to die. again.

Mr. Redford, you want an apology to be made? Please do and while you're at it, also apologize to our troops, the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Israel, Vietnam and Cambodia. You may not believe it, but the tortured dead will hear it and maybe then you will have finally truly given something back to mankind.

In the meantime, please shut up.

Liberal sod - Astroturfing

I have been doing research sparked by the great signage and cohesive message of protesters in non-English speaking countries from around the world. I have a background in graphics and message and I thought that, say in Indonesia, the protesters had a better "branding" of message than many US companies. I've shown a few examples here.
This led me to noticing the same thing with C.A.I.R. and other "islamic" groups only interested in saving America the pain of defeat and extending their handful of left over virgins in the next life. All for peace. They were using the same language and strawman all over the country in their "spontaneous" fits of indignation.
This is called astroturfing (via Wkipedia):

In politics and advertising, the term astroturfing describes formal public
relations (PR) campaigns which seek to create the impression of being a
spontaneous, grassroots behavior. Hence the reference to the "AstroTurf"
(artificial grass) is a metaphor to indicate "fake grassroots" support.

The goal of such campaign is to disguise the agenda of a political client as an
independent public reaction to some political entity —a politician, political
group, product, service, event. Astroturfers attempt to orchestrate the actions
of apparently diverse and geographically distributed individuals, by both overt
("outreach," "awareness," etc.) and covert (disinformation) means. Astroturfing
may be undertaken by anything from an individual pushing their own personal
agenda through to highly organised professional groups with financial backing
from large corporations.

Today I had the privilege of reading the Mudville Gazette who has much more chronicling the left's use of astroturfing in their worldwide effort to destroy America's war in Iraq, nee America's war on islamofascists. In this case Mudville delves into the millions spent to use dummy groups working with front companies to make it appear that the nation's citizens are working independently of their own conscience.
Did you really think that simple "soldiers", concerned "mothers" like Cindy Sheehan and women and children in countries around the world produced press events and media images all on their own?
Go read more about the campaign to destroy America here.
Mailbu Evening News

At a time of shameless pandering to neo-con wannabes, the Bush
administration has sunk to new lows. In an effort to give false hope to the
average working person, oil prices have dropped to its lowest level in 20 months as local temperatures dramatically dropped.

“It’s suspicious to me,” stated Cindy Vacuine of Malibu, CA, “ I mean, I think they’ve tied gas glutting to their effort to screw with global warming warnings”, this in reference to snow falls throughout the normally placid area.

One celebrity’s eloquent rage was controlled. “We built this beautiful structure to resemble a Japanese tea house” said Christian Love, while sadly looking at his 5 car garage with the rice paper roof sagging sadly in the cold. “That manipulating bastard sits in Washington, just toying with us. We know the truth. Cold weather like this and he thinks cheap gas is going to decoy us?”

Personal investment counselor, Consuello Vincente Fox, IV said “I came up with the formula for cold sore makeup. I know how to disguise truth from the people! My Uncle may have fooled the President, but he can’t fool me.” Fox is in town to hold therapy sessions for people that have had to juggle heat bills and the tragic conflict in the Middle East. “How can we have lower costs for petroleum as soldiers ravage the
land above it and how can it be snowing as Mother Earth is suffering the aches,
pains and fevers of humans ravaging her beautiful face? Someone is lying and we
all know who.”

“This is not childless policy making without consequences.” stated Sen. Barbara Boxer. “Who is responsible and who is going to pay for lower gas prices and the lower cost of home heating fuel as this cold kills innocent Latino babies in our major California cities? The rich can go to their offices and schools to stay warm and avoid the horrors of snow, but we, the working people, must once again suffer the bad management of global warming by politicians in Washington that just want to keep their names in the news!” as her staff swept her off to for a flight to meet with President Bush to voice her concerns.

Tomorrow: 75 degrees and sunny.

Next, urban fashion and Canadian Health Care and you.