Thursday, January 07, 2010

A True American Hero Is Gone

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I didn't know this had happened. I can't add more so you should go read the complete story by TSO. Col. Howard was a true American hero.

We, as a nation, are truly blessed to have soldiers such as Col. Howard. There are many that serve doing their duty, honoring their country, protecting those fighting next to them and us here at home.

Kissed By A Guardrail

Went to the grocery store (had to, buy one, get one free). Store was packed. People acting like health care reform passed or that the apocolypse, but I digress, were upon us.

Driving home some genius moron talking on his cell phone, manipulating world currencies and driving too fast had to lock up his breaks to avoid hitting a number of us driving conservatively. Two of us got lightly tapped by said genius. I slowly went around on the snow and ice and tapped a guardrail. The other, in a Prius, got the inside guardrail with a lot of damage.

Genius drove on so I geared back up in four wheel drive and caught up with him at a stop light 2 miles down the road. Called the Patrol and gave them the model and color of the van he was driving along with the license plate number. I told them he was still chatting on his phone and was asked if there were any other identifying things about the van that I could see.

I smiled and started reading his bumper stickers off. Gore, Kerry, Hillary, Obama, Arms are for hugging, and many others. My favorite though was No Peace/No Justice - Know Peace/Know Justice.

The Patrol was on him like white on rice. Know justice, know peace.

Al Gore Visit

He must be visiting. It is snowing heavily and the temperature is 24 degrees.

Can A President be Charged For Economic Drunk Driving?

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Global Hoaxing To Get Spy Satellites To Curb Dangerous Icebergs

Spying on Icebergs Instead of Terrorists?

Obama Program Diverts Intelligence Assets to Climate Research

Some man-made disasters are bigger than others. It might be noted that some man-made disasters get votes. And money. Lots of it.

So the Obama administration is diverting valuable satellites used to protect our nation to aid the suspect science of man-made global warming. So, instead of tracking known murderers who have high jacked a religion to justify their proven slaughter of innocents, the administration will track icebergs to try to prove that Mother Earth has a cold which will lead to a disastrous fever sometime in the future.

Randy Andy Sullivan Sez Invade Israel And Occupy!

If that is not silly enough for you look down the page for further laughter and frivolity.

Yep, "The Naked Novelist And The Dead Reputation." On the same page. Coincidence? I think not.