Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Illegal Health Care Reform

"Fathom the hypocrisy of a Congress that requires
every citizen to prove they are insured.....
but not everyone must prove they are citizens".

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Free S'mores For Rome's Burning With Music By The Federal Fiddlers Union

When did it become a necessity that the federal government, i.e. us, feed, clothe, house, medicate and entertain those that refuse to do for themselves?

Poor people in such far flung nations like Mexico are starving and are involved in a national economic drug war that is claiming thousands of lives because the government won't help. Here in America a poor person uses their free cell phone to call police, who unfortunately are on a union ordered doughnut break, to rush to their subsidized house because a punk kid stole their 50” flat screen TV to obtain money to trick out their car because they spent their welfare check buying newer clothes for a “Economic Justice” riot.

Fortunately, we do have people like a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton who will work two jobs and lead both sides of the protests to protect the rights of the punk kid and the civil rights of the downtrodden homeowner who deserves a newer and bigger flat screen TV because some dumb ass who actually works has a 52” 1080 flat screen TV with surround sound.

In each case there will be at least one image of a starving 350 pound friend weeping inconsolably with a relative of the perp because doughnut wielding cops beat them into an emergency room simply because they just happened to have a large flat screen TV strapped to their back as they ran away from the police. In the end all will pose for reporters as they march for economic justice (again) to protest the uncaring slopeheads who don’t understand their plight.

Rome we ain’t. Just look at government buildings such as the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC and even Nero would weep enough tears to stop the flames he fiddled to. Nonetheless, we have a symphony of fiddlers who are heralding the slow burning of a nation as community organizers and their political masters pour accelerants on the flames. All televised to exemplify the failed policies of a capitalist society. Televised with advertisements, of course. Advertisements for deals on flat screen TVs and free prescriptions.

Being poor just isn’t what it used to be. Of course, our federal government isn’t what it used to be either which is the real tragedy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Obama Legacy Is Already Here And It Ain't Pretty

It is especially not pretty for anyone who happens to live in the United States of America.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Moms Or Three Moms And So On

Will it be a brave new world that so many people are afraid of or will it be a nightmare that so many people expect? The only brave new world that I have read about was the founding of the United States of America. I read of nightmares all the time whether it is quick and simple genocide or a long journey into darkness. Nations allowing, even paying for the murder of future generations, or the introduction of new values that destroy historical and current societal successes have become a hallmark of "progress" in our world.

Sweden has chosen a slow and painful journey into darkness which may herald the end of culture in which children learn how to become good and productive adults. Sweden has decided to lessen culture through efforts that include "Nearly all the children's books deal with homosexual couples, single parents or adopted children. There are no "Snow White," "Cinderella" or other classic fairy tales seen as cementing stereotypes.

No mother and father. No good morals. No real life representations, only the fairy tales of petty social engineers who would fail at any other basic task that may be performed by sane individuals. Children become their petri dish for experimentation much as the unborn have become so for restive progressives wanting to more quickly project their sick ideas on society here in America.

That these unelected leaders are allowed to irreversibly destroy society is a problem for adults. That adults allow these bottom feeders to destroy children is unforgivable.

Good people are sick of these losers hoping to force their ideas on society. They should be rejected from positions of authority and any other position that influences people and society.

Hell, they should be rejected from and by society. They're sick.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blame Game Lies Of The Left

Grassy Knolls "R" Us types meld with BDSers and CYAers to protect their tender skins from their own totally failed policies. In short, they can't be blamed for anything except being naive about their "enemies."

Ex-New Orleans mayor worried that CIA agents would 'shoot me with a miniature, slow-acting poison dart'...
CHICAGOLAND: Rahm's Top Cop Blames Gangs, Crime on 'Gov't-Sponsored Racism'...
Launches into tirade against Palin...
Likens federal gun laws to 'racism'...

REPORT: ATF chief resisting pressure to step down...
Geithner says oil release was not political move...

How much heaped shame will force libs to admit their policies are a total failure for America unless a broken economy and chaos really is their goal.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Abortion Hurts Children The Most, Especially Girls

163 million beating hearts stopped. How many symphonies, how many paintings, how many cures were killed?

Feminism is at war with girls. The girls are losing.

Obama's 2.1 Million Jobs Created Claim Causes DNC Laughter (With Laugher Update)

Has he even lost Democrats? If so, we have hope.

As a consequence of that swift, decisive, and sometimes difficult period, we were able to take an economy that was shrinking by about 6 percent and create an economy that is now growing, and has grown steadily now over many consecutive quarters. Over the last 15 months we’ve created over 2.1 million private sector jobs. (Laughter.)


Friday, June 17, 2011

Unions Have A Constitutional Right To Extort?

The Wisconsin unions are back and they think they have found a constitutional right to extort money from their employers, the taxpayers. I told you they'd be back and boy are they desperate.

They'll shut down government if they don't get their way. They'll shut down a private business that won't see things their way. They'll ruin individuals that don't agree with them. Then they'll threaten anyone and everyone else.

To listen to their lawsuit they got this right from the constitution which, in their minds, makes it better than okay.

Thugs. Go away. America will be better off without you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hugh Comstock's Cottages By The Sea

If you ever get the chance to see these cottages, do it. Hugh Comstock built the first for his wife's doll collection to use as a showroom circa 1900. Then others in the village asked him to build for them. He wasn't an architect nor a builder. He just had a vision and a whole lot of fun. Most of the cottages are about 300 square feet of interior space while some are a bit larger, but they became the heart of the artist's colony there in Carmel by the Sea.

Auf Weinersehen

Ta ta Weiner. He announced his resignation in Brooklyn amongst hecklers.

"Seven inches"?

Only on Brooklyn. Well, maybe on Twitter. Actually, definitely on Twitter. And in Weiner's head.

One supporter yelled, "Bye-bye pervert."

Apple To Shut Users Down

The always intrusive Apple will further worm into your personal life with infra-red sensors at concerts and other live events that will shutdown your personal device if they deem your usage inappropriate.
And, through the wonder of technology they can shut you down remotely.

Jewish Guppies To Be Banned In San Fran?

Pelosi’s city of gold by the bay is now up in arms over guppies. The city has been embroiled in a prioritized battle against the evils of circumcision lately deeming the health-based and religious practice to be inhumane and oh-so yucky using Jews as the image of the evil practice. Now addressing another “impulse” action, that of having pets, is moving forward to thwart the enslavement of puppies, kittens, hamsters and now fish.

I hope none of those guppies were circumcised. Or Jewish. Oh both.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sockpuppets In Space Or Your Sister May Be A Man

No, we're not talking about sexual identity in the real world nor are we just talking about that Internet friend who kindly tries to slit your throat while appearing as someone else. We've all heard the joke about the luscious woman typing sweet nothings (or salacious vulgarities) while "she” chomps on a cigar while spilling beer on a hairy potbelly and boxer shorts. Yes, there is also the buffoon who appears to be someone else to better pontificate and state a partial agreement comment “just to get an honest response."

You might call them Sockpuppets From Hell, but I like to think of them as sockpuppets in space because that is all they are.

Fakes in space. Fakes in life. Who knew your sister might be a man. You dog.

Dork In A Pink Dress At Wisconsin Protest-What's His Name?

What an indicative jerk. At what point will the left throw these people out and start anew? In the meantime I wonder what his name is.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Republicans VS Wackos et al, Adults Win

And the wackos didn't even show up for the decision with drums to chant.

Althouse and Legal Insurrection have it covered in the usual excellent fashion.

Look for the union's left's next obstruction of justice to be filed soon. They're just that desperate.

UPDATE: The wackos are back and they think they have found a constitutional right to extort money from their employers, the taxpayers. I told you they'd be back and boy are they desperate.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Paul/Penrose House c.1749, Warrington Township, Pa

It’s Sunday And Time For Another Rowan (& Martin) Williams Embarrassment

Dear Rowan believes, no doubt, that Jesus was at least a liberal if not a communist which means that Canterbury needs to embrace every left wing endeavor with all the passion the now secular church has in its small black heart. The coffers are emptying and the pews are empty. And Jesus is weeping.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Demo Whiners: Weiner Is Sick And Needs To get Well

Yeah, bad judgment, really arrogantly bad judgment, is an illness that can be fixed with medicine and, no doubt, talking it out with a $300 per hour shrinko-expert? Weiner is not a pervert, you see, he's a sick person. He's not a power hungry moron who actually thought he was bullet proof, no; he has an illness that needs treatment. He is not a total punk jerk; he is actually just a person crying out for help with his inner-demons (now that he has been caught).

Really? This is the defense Team LibProg is offering?

If so, how about those LibProg sickos that question and then project wordy images about Sarah Palin's personal sex life ranging from supposedly titillating exposes about her or her husband's affairs or the birth of one of her children? Do those LibProgs need help? I think so and on many levels, but no "legitimate" "journalist", blogger, or other sad sap tool of the left will ever even approach this subject except to ridicule.

Weiner is a pervert. Not because he has an addiction, but because he is a pervert. As a pervert he is unfit for any public or private position of power or influence. He is unfit for any position that includes association with potential victims, which for Weiner means pretty much any other human being on the face of the planet.

He doesn't need to get well; he needs to be thrown out of the United States Congress. Now.

The left has unwired itself from what is really important and they are now simply protecting one of their royalty. Throw all of them out.

Top Demos Under Pressure Do Weiner Flip Flop

About time.

Calls mount for Weiner's resignation

He should've been sent packing a long time ago.

Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight

Dropping the beer summit ploy Obama is going to play golf with Boehner to hopefully iron out their differences. Obama doesn't know Boehner if he thinks a bit of schmoozing is going to change Boehner's beliefs. So the foursome is set.

Boehner is bring John Kasich, governor of Ohio, as his golf/chat partner. Who is Obama bringing?


What Obama thought he needed a caddy?

Furthermore, Obama should be trounced by Boehner in golf as well as politics, but to pit Biden against Kasich (in anything) is downright cruel. In a gunfight Biden would be the grinning fool standing there with a butter knife. In a debate putting Biden up on a stage with Kasich would be like forcing a pudgy pimply faced fool to do the chore. In madras shorts. A Three Stooges shirt. Picking his nose.

In fairness, for this gunfight Obama should be allowed a ringer for Biden. And himself. Both armed to the teeth. With full automatics. In an ambush. Just to make it fairer.

Ohio Used To Be A Great State

Battered by the likes of Celeste, Taft and Strickland the great state of Ohio has sunk to one of the most over taxed and less free states in the country. According to this site Ohio is #42 out of 50. Hopefully, Batchelder and Kasich can lead the way back to a great Ohio.


Ohio performs poorly in nearly every conceptual area. Spending and taxation are higher than average, with administration, education, and social-service spending especially high as a percentage of personal income. On the plus side, government debt is below average. Ohio, like three other states, does not allow private workers’ compensation insurers. However, unlike North Dakota and Wyoming, it does allow employer self-insurance for workers’-compensation. The state’s occupational-licensing regime and level of health-insurance coverage mandates are decent. Ohio has improved its eminent-domain regime, but further reform is warranted. Its liability system is only average. On the other hand, Ohio’s asset forfeiture laws are quite good, with the state more than a standard deviation better than average. It could improve even further, though, by shifting the burden of proof to the government. Gun-control laws are relatively poor, though not extreme as in the case of states like Illinois or California. In fact, Ohio allows open carry without permit. The state authorizes sobriety checkpoints but does not mandate motorcycle helmets. Marijuana laws are liberal overall, but cultivation and sale sentencing could be reformed. Most gambling is illegal. Homeschooling regulations are unreasonable, including teacher licensure and mandatory state approval of homeschool curricula. However, private-school regulations are lighter. Draconian smoking bans are in place and cigarette taxes are above average. Beer and wine taxes are reasonably good but the spirits tax is fairly high.

Salt Lake

Troopathon 2011

via Zilla of the Resistance

Please join this effort to remind our nation of what makes us great and, most important now, to support our troops and to let them know we care for them and their vital mission.

Move America Forward has compiled care packages that contain goods our troops need and cannot get -- as a way of saying "thank you" for their sacrifices and courage.
You can show your gratitude by sending one to the troops. Each care package will include a personal message written by you where you can express your gratitude to our military.
Move America Forward is a 501(C)3 so all care package donations are tax deductible.
Contribute here
Once again I am captaining a team of contributors: "The Anti-Jihadists"! If you're a blogger, please join our team! Let's take the big prize for largest contribution amount this year! Joining the competition is easy. Simply e-mail MAF Blogger Danny ( to get placed on a team and obtain the correct link to the care packages.

Try to remember those nights when there was nothing but silence and you started thinking about your life and wondered if there were others that shared your dreams and doubts. Your package can set a soldier's mind at peace and allow him or her to focus on the task at hand. Do it now before you get busy somewhere else.

Friday, June 10, 2011

How Desperate Is The Main Stream Media To Be Relevant Once Again?

Read yourself and smell their desperation.

Throw in Mr. Tingles, Chris Matthews, who likes to call women "whores," Ed "Mr Slut" Schultz and even lower forms of life like Friedman, Krugman and Olbermann who think their millions protect them from the lies they peddle as reporting and one begins to realize the main stream media is about as relevant as that which one might see in history from the Soviet and National Socialist (Nazi) eras. 

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Weiner Should Keep His Seat

Really. He should. I've rethought my position and think this could be a learning experience for the nation.

The Demos should keep him as a shining example of their ethics in their pantheon of crime, no punishment and hypocrisy. If you just add Weiner to the swamp that Madam Pelosi and Hapless Harry Reid have built, the stench might get worse, but how much worse can it stink than it already does? And every time the Demos start up with their faux moral crap we can talk about our people that have been given their walking papers when they've pulled this type of crime and how they, the Demos, just promote their filthy trash to higher positions of power.

And, we can, over and over, remind the world of Weiner's full monty that he sent to strippers, porno queens, coeds, married women that were disgusted by his perversion and probably more than a few under age girls. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Predator Weiner Had His Own Predator law To protect His Victims From Predators Like Weiner!!

This could be a sick joke.

Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators Act of 2007 – Anthony Weiner

If not, Weiner is a sick joke.

You Might Hope To Be A Redneck If....

My father was highly educated and a bedrock Northerner, but he said he married up, using my mother's vernacular, when he married my mother. He took in patients whether they were black or white, could pay or could not pay and it didn't matter to him if they couldn't speak the King's English or had an accent.

My mother's family came from Cumberland and Goochland county, Virginia having arrived there sometime in the 1600's. They had large land holding, were educated, as had their ancestors been when they landed at Jamestown. Whether a doctor of the law, medicine or whatever, they always listed them selves as farmers. They worked the land with their hands and upon returning from a trip across the county or abroad the first thing they did was scoop up their dirt and smell it.

Visitors to their land were welcomed, but before the business of their visitor was discussed the land was looked to. After the war, Robert E. Lee stopped by to visit, as he was trying to do with all of his officers, and after the welcome he commented that the property was in good shape. Paraphrasing my great great grandfather, the General was told that without God, the land and family there was nothing. As Lee rode away on a roan he passed lines of people holding out their hands to him. He asked why all these people were way out here in the country and they said they were helping out because my gg grandfather had helped their families before they got home and after they buried the colors and got home. He did this with half his face having been left on the battle field at Frayser's Farm courtesy of a Yankee sniper. He also did it because he knew it to be right.

Nobody was ever turned away and a neighbor in need was always looked after no matter their station, color or creed. Baptists helped Deists, Deists help Catholics and on and on. These were good people.

I received the following email from my brother-in-law, a native of Louisiana, who though I might recognize some of these people. Though they're from another state, a southern state, I did.

She and her editor gave approval to reprint the article, so I hope this helps give some  recognition
to some of Alabama's unsung heroes during and after the April 27th tornado outbreak:
Moulton Advertiser
Loretta Gillespie
May  7, 2011
"I Love Me Some Rednecks"
"Most all of us around here have  bourne the brunt of remarks from
people outside Lawrence County about being rednecks. Well, I'm here to tell
you right now that I love me some Lawrence  County rednecks!
Rednecks have Poulan chainsaws, bulldozers, four-wheelers  and big ol'
trucks - and they know how to use 'em. They aren't afraid of  getting
dirty or of hard work.
As soon as the wind died down, they  were the first ones out there,
clearing the roads for emergency vehicles to  get to where they
needed to be. They were standing up to their knees in  debris so that people
could get out of their driveways. They were checking on  neighbors who
lived in the hardest hit areas where cars and normal vehicles  didn't stand           
 a chance.
If you were the victim of the storm and found  your driveway
miraculously cleared, you can thank a redneck. If you have a  brush pile a mile
high and you didn't do it yourself, you can thank a  redneck. If someone
brought you a shirt to put on your back that day, or  hauled your
furniture to a storage facility, you can probably thank a  redneck.
Those good ol' boys waded through water filled with gas and  glass,
nails and torn tin roofs and no telling what else to offer assistance  to
people stranded in the rubble of their homes. They wore camo jackets
and John Deere caps, spit tobacco and more than likely did a little
cussing, but they got the job done, and they are the ones who are still out
there cutting up trees and burning brush long into the night, just as they
have been ever since the storms hit.
They didn't wait to be  asked...they just 'got 'er done' in the true
sense of the phrase. They didn't  stand around jawing and waiting for
someone else to take charge, they went to  work doing what they do
best - moving earth, pushing aside massive trees with root systems as big
around as a VW, and tossing aside boards with splinters the size of
kitchen knives.
And they did all this without any thought  of their own comfort or
safety. They put their scuffed cowboy boots and worn  work boots on
the  ground and tread across roof beams and unsteady floors to  make sure
 -story brick
houses to mobile home and barns. They already had a flashlight
and a pocket knife with them.
They rounded up their neighbor's cattle and horses and coaxed
kittens out of trees where the wind had tossed them and  they cried like
babies when they found someone's hunting dog broken and  bleeding.
They waded into poultry houses and caught terrified chickens,  and
tossed mountains of dead ones onto piles to burn. They began to hang tarps
and nail plywood over broken windows to save their cousins and other kin
folk's belongings. They didn't stop for hours on end, hooking chains
to cars, trees and any and everything that had landed helter-skelter as
the tornados tore through.
Rednecks just show up when there is work to be  done. They drive up
and with a silent nod, they just pitch in, salvaging  refrigerators and
hooking up generators. They don't care if they look cool and they
don't have to shave before they leave the house. They are tough as  nails
and love their mamas fiercely. They still say 'Yes, ma'm' and 'No,  sir,'
to anyone older than they are. They eat cornbread and pinto beans and
drink tea so sweet a spoon will stand straight up in the glass. They sweat
and  swear and have grease under their nails sometimes. They can deliver
a  calf and half an hour later be sitting in church, scrubbed to  a
fare-the-well. And did they ever save the day when the  thunder
rolled and the lightning flashed and the wind knocked down the houses  where
they were born?
They don't do it for the glory, and wouldn't dream of taking a dime
for it, and are sometimes even offended if someone  asks how much they
are owed 'cause that's what rednecks do - they drive loud trucks,
bobcats and front-end loaders, they crank cantankerous chain saws and  they
know the feel of rope burns and blistered faces. They get those red  necks
from the sun beating down relentlessly as they labor in the dust  and
smoke from all the brush fires. They think sun-screen is for sissies
and they don't worry much about anti-bacterial soap or drink fruit-
flavored  water.
Give me a Lawrence County redneck any day when trouble  comes - when
fences get blown over and the lights go out, and there are trees  and
houses strewn like matchsticks as far as the eye can see, what in
the  world would we do without these rednecks?
Thanks to all of you dear rednecks, you deserve medals for what you
have  done in the  past few weeks.  And don't think the world didn't notice,
they did. In fact, somebody is  probably writing a country song about
you as you read this."
Loretta  Gillespie writes for the Moulton Advertiser

Monday, June 06, 2011

Weiner Going Down

Will the wife stay? Will the Weiner stay? Not if Pelosi needs to cut him loose. It's all politics, hard ball politics, now. If Pelosi, Ms Nuance herself, thinks Weiner is a liability then Weiner is gone, Especially since it appears Weiner's district will be redistricted out of existence.

Weiner was a useful jester for the Democrats these last few years and he expected to be rewarded with being anointed as the candidate for mayor of New York as to fulfill the position of fool de jour after Bloomberg is put out to pasture.

Democrats are so nuanced. If you're a fool we can use, great. If you're a fool we can't use, bye bye. Weiner still is hoping he is the former and doesn't realize he is the latter.

Pelosi wins either way because that is the way she plays. That's her politics. That's sad, but to them that is democratic. Maybe Hillary will step in it now to protect Huma, but not Weiner.

Green Little Footballs Fumbles Again

Used to be a great blog that did some very good work. Then Charles went round the wackjob tree too many times and LGF went south in a hurry. So much so that he now has to lie to attract readership and when caught-out he turns rabid.

I don't want an apology from Charles because it wouldn't mean a thing. Smear target? I think you doth protest too much Charles and it's not pretty, especially when people know your history.

Weiner Should Resign

Tears or not he should resign and if not, the Democrats should force him out. He has been lying to his wife, his constituents, to Congress and the nation. He accused others of hacking him and hurt Internet businesses and tried to destroy Andrew Breitbart to save his career.

His judgement is now questionable at every level and he now cannot be believed by anyone. All quips about congress aside, Weiner has brought disrespect to the House of Representatives. Weiner has no shame for his shamefulness. He is that arrogant.

Weiner should resign.

Awwwwww, The Weiner Is Weeping About Wooing And Lying

On FOX News right now, but he dried up the sniffles just in time to say that he won't resign.

Weiner Cancels Israeli Event, Speech And Now Announces 4 PM Press Conference

As more pictures and tweets hit the press it appears that Weiner is between a rock and a hard place. Should he stay or should he go? Me? I say hit the road Jack. Off.


He's got some splainin' to do, especially to his wife or is his marriage a sham too? Maybe we should ask Hillary.

Anti Palin Media And LibProgs Self Embarrass Again

Our intellectual betters have smeared their faces with egg again. You'd think they'd get tired of it, but the media is doing exactly what Gov. Palin wanted them to do even now as they follow her bus around the country without a clue.

Experts back Sarah Palin’s historical account

Maybe our oh so elite ought to learn some grade school subjects, say, like American history. It might bruise their psyche, but it’s better than being publically humiliated at every turn by the very person they are trying to humiliate.

Keep on rockin’ Sarah!

Obama: Kill Babies or I'll Hurt the Poor

Obama: Kill Babies or I'll Hurt the Poor

As we all probably know the Indiana legislature passed a bill defunding Planned Parenthood, the abortion giant. And thankfully, Governor Mitch Daniels signed the bill.

That’s kind of a big deal because other states may gear up to do the same. Planned Parenthood doesn’t like that and sued Indiana of course but more importantly, they instructed their political arm, the Democratic Party, to fight this tooth and nail. Big Abortion has instructed the Party of Death to make an example of Indiana to ensure that no other states dare to defund Planned Parenthood.

And oh boy does the Party of Death take orders well. The Obama administration’s Department of Health and Human Services sent a letter to Indiana threatening to withhold billions in federal Medicaid funding for low income people if the state doesn’t agree to fund Planned Parenthood.

Just think about that for a second. Let the horror sink in. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for it to really wash over you.

Got it? Yeah, the Obama administration is saying the federal government will hurt the poor unless Indiana agrees to fund the killing of babies.

Is Planned Parenthood entitled to taxpayer money? Think about it, the federal government if forcing a state to send taxpayer money to a private entity.

So when someone says to you that the Democrat Party is for helping the poor, make sure you correct them by explaining to them that the Democrat Party is about funding abortion first, even at the expense of the poor.

This is a huge fight with major implications. If Indiana buckles, don’t expect any states to attempt to defund Planned Parenthood anytime soon. But if Indiana stands up to the administration and wins, we might see some real pro-life victories in states throughout the country. Watch, pray, and call your legislators.

Today's Joke: Vice President Joe Biden

Doug Ross
QOTD: "The same people who whine that Sarah Palin is unqualified to serve as president have no problem uttering the following phrase with a straight face: 'Vice President Joe Biden'". --Me, just now.

That's funny.

Portugal: Another Socialist Government Thrown Out

Portugal election: Socialists admit defeat
One by one socialist governments go down as voters face reality. All that will be left are those with their hands out wanting more taxpayer’s money whether they be employed by the state or are living off the state or both.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Nicholas D. Kristof: Smarmy As Ever And So Totally Wrong As Usual

Nick's got him a good gig as the pontificator of disaster on the media's Titanic, the New York Times. Unfortunately, being the paper of record isn't what it used to be now that people have found the record a lie, but Nick has got to do what Nick as got to do. So he goes for the low blow again aimed at the Tea Party. Wow, was that predictable.

To save you the tedium of reading such tripe I’ll recap for you.

If you’re religious, want less government, lower taxes, a strong military and conservative values try Pakistan as your ideal country. You stupid morons. Oh, and even though “Sarah Palin and John Boehner don’t intend to turn Washington into Islamabad-on-the-Potomac. And they are right that long-term budget issues do need to be addressed. But when many Republicans insist on “starving the beast” of government, cutting taxes, regulations and social services — slashing everything but the military — well, those are steps toward Pakistan.

He then goes on to give us a travelogue of the countries he has reported on. Gravitas personally delivered underpinning his brilliance, no doubt.

Yep, I’ve got to admit that we want women pregnant, barefoot and back in the kitchen or else we’ll backhand them right across the mouth. That’s what conservatism is all about. And racist!

Unfortunately, Kristofians get all upset with their perceived notions of how conservatives think, but not so much how Islamofascists actually think. That is unimportant in their smarmy and wrong world. 

Liberalism: The Philosophy Of The Stupid.

via Doug Ross

Thomas Sowell stated: "Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”

Now Mark Levin takes it a step further explaining why what is being done to us, in our name, is wrong. The political mutants currently governing in Washington, DC need to be called out and voted out because they are stupid.

Mark Levin: Why Liberalism is the Philosophy of the Stupid

The reason I say that liberalism is the philosophy of the stupid is because we can look at what's going around in the country today. If, in your own lives, you were pursuing policies that were destroying your own home ownership, that were destroying your own job, that were creating a massive, impossible debt for your family and your children in particular, you'd stop it. You wouldn't keep doing it!

And yet for the liberal, if it's imposed on you -- and they feel that they can be immune from it -- they're for it.

Their prescription will kill us, but according to them we will be cured. A win-win for them because a middle-class is a thorn in their side. If the middle-class can be eliminated then the wealthy elites can directly take care of the poor their policies have created and then they can feel even more smug and intellectually satisfied.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

I'm A BIG Patti LaBelle Fan NO MORE

Celebrities and other famous people have gotten away acting like thugs and animals for too long, but new technology is rendering them for what they have become, common, but rich criminals.

First (via Gateway Pundit):

Then the raw video:

If you look closely you can see cops during and after the attack do nothing. People just walked around or stared at the injured cadet as he tried to stand until a man in a cowboy hat and blue shirt helps him. After believing false statements from Commander LaBelle and her "security team and driver the police charged Richard King just before they posed for photographs with LaBelle. because of their lies King, a senior, was suspended from West Point.

Now that the airport video has surfaced King is suing LaBelle and the airport for the attack and ruining his life. I hope authorities find the man in the hat and blue shirt to award him a good citizens award. I also hope the entire group of airport and law enforcement officials and those at West Point who did no investigation get fired.

Working Towards A Jew Free San Francisco

via American Power who has more.

Oh, those wacky ones in San Francisco. Through circumcision they get to ridicule religion, control more of the citizen's personal life, openly be anti-Semitic and they think they get to be so cute and funny. Beats just sitting around in an aging gay enclave and watching Pelosi's face concrete crack.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Socialist Pomp and Grandioise Scrambled Eggs

Got to spend 20 minutes as 14th Street was cleared and Bam Bam's motorcade was rushed back into the WH complex. 10 motorcycle cops, Suburbans out of the ying yang, cop cars, an ambulance, two limos flags aflying and other mixed vehicles for a return from a golf outing on a workday afternoon. 

I found it interesting, as I sat there thinking of the incredible volunteers I had just met with supplying parochial education to children in need, for free. Our nation may be fucked.

No More Mister Nice Guy: Weiner Is A Dick

Mr. Obnoxious has opened the closet door to his obnoxiousness. Question him and he will have you detained by police. Weiner should be packed away in a straight jacket and sent to the Charles Schumer Home for the Delusional Press Whores.

Weiner’s Office Calls Police After CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer Asks For An Interview

The joke used to be that the most dangerous place in DC was between a news camera and Chuckey Schumer, but Weiner is proving that wrong. I think he doth protest too much the little bully coward.

Obama's Great Depression

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Been In Meetings All Day

Can Obama and the Democrats screw the pooch anymore than they already have? Yes and they will because they are on a mission from a god in which they don't believe in. Watching the sausage being made up close is always ugly, but putting pearls on the pig won't work this time. This is so ugly here in DC, ugly is a word that has lost meaning.

Can a president pick up his ball and just go home because he doesn't want to play anymore? Is that allowed? It might be the best scenario we can hope for. Democrats on the front line are not apparent since they have run for the woodwork to hide and hope no one remembers their looniest moment(s). It is embarrassing.

Now it's time to pick up the pieces and try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Always tricky. Always necessary.

Leftist Losers In Wisconsin Shut Down Blood Drive With Pitiable "We Shall Overcome" Cliche

Missus Weirdness Kloppen-whatever has finally thrown in the towel, but oldster leftists and union guys, still waiting for the resurrection of Pete Seeger, can't let it go.

Red Cross reschedules blood drive after Capitol protests became too loud to continue

Loud, obnoxious and tiresome. Yeah, wrong too. The protesters just love what is right so much they can't do what is right because they care so much. About themselves.