Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time' Magazine's Hero AGW Alarmist Of The Year Now Not So Alarmed

Let the racists begin their, "He was born before computers were used" shtick.

Arrogant Cubicle Announces War On Terror Over

Bureaucrats in charge, sailing paper airplanes and government edicts from their cubicles to the world.

The arrogance of such a statement is mind boggling as well a stupid. At what negotiation did radical Islam capitulate? Did this bureaucrat get a signed document along with a prayer minaret alarm clock as a souvenir?

“Legitimate Islamism”? Oh, that should comfort Cairo and Islamabad. How absolutely wonderful that we have named parts of Islam legitimate and for an extra point we have also identified which Islamists are legitimately practicing it. We know who is legitimate because this administration has doubled ObamaCare’s savings by employing its death panels to remove those costing us too much money from the system.

This ending of the war on terror will impress those few, those very few, who still want to kill us into laying down their IEDs and joining the GOTV effort on behalf of Obama. Now Obama can bring all of our troops home, say around October? Trillions of dollars will immediately be freed up to address our ballooning national debt actually making it disappear by November 1st! All of this magic will carpet our governance from cubicle to cubicle and it will once again be morning in America.

For everyone else the war will continue.