Thursday, June 07, 2007

Immigration Bill Dead As A Dodo?

Don't believe it. At least not until you see a stake through its black little heart.

Another good sign might be Teddy Kennedy being allowed to take scotch breaks from his work building the wall. Weather near the Rio Grande can get stuffy in July.

To Whining Republicans Everywhere

I am not in Ohio. I am on the east coast for a few days doing political work. I have closed my company to do this.

We may win again in 2008. We may not.

To Peggy Noonan, the wimps debating in the "republican" dog and pony shows on TV and the pundits and "professionals" spewing their poison about Bush, a pox on you.

I am a not too old fool who believes. I fought the fight, in a small way, back when Reagan was organizing, and pissed off a bunch of Liberals, to become President.

Not one world will be shaken by my full time return to politics.

It will make me feel better because the whining by republicans about Bush and the whining by Liberals about Bush makes me sick.

The 11nth Commandment.

A movement was and is built by like minded individuals, not by a herd of of self serving whiners expecting people to listen to their individual bitching.

As a Republican and a Conservative, to me, you sound like little whinny Liberals desperately seeking attention.

How sad you have sunk so low.

Maybe in your "down" time you could sign up to be a poll watcher, a door-to-door worker, a phoner, a researcher, a treasurer, a manager, a "kitchen cabinet" advisor, a LTTE writer, a press person, a volunteer, a volunteer coordinator, a precinct captain, a spokesman, a committe member, a fund raiser, a sign placer, an office volunteer, a weekend phone answerer or maybe you can continue to pontificate.

Blogging is good, but blogging is benign in the heat of battle, unless you are a star.

Does Bush piss you off? Maybe Hillary will make you feel better or your blog more profitable.

Step up to the plate, at least in some small way, or STFU.

You may not shake the world, but you might make that bed of your's a bit more comfortable.

You know, to sleep in. Well.

Rant off.

He Of Cat Scratch Fever Voice and The Crying Man



Good. If Voinovich votes for this, I'll not send him another box of Mr Pipp and Moon Pies. I'll send them to Sherrod Brown so his cholesterial does him in.

It's a toss up.

Big Stink Worsens Dirty Butt Syndrome


Sheryl Crow has not returned repeated phone requests for comment. Icky phone and one square suspected.