Monday, November 17, 2008

Pelosi Tries To Blame Big Three's Woes On Bush

Pelosi, afraid she can't pay of her union buddies, is stomping her feet and threatening to hold her breath until she turns blue if Bush doesn't hand over more cash. She can turn a deep purple for all I care.

Stalemate dims prospects for $25B auto bailout
Prospects dimmed Monday for enactment of a $25 billion bailout for the faltering auto industry before year's end, as congressional Democrats and the Bush administration seemed headed for a stalemate. Help for Detroit's Big Three, which have been battered by the economic meltdown that has choked their sales and frozen their credit, is falling victim to a partisan fight over where the money should come from.

The Big Three are victims from an economic meltdown and frozen credit? BS, the Big Three are victims of their own mismanagement and kowtowing to unions who have extorted money from them for years. Now the unions want Congress to hand out $25 B to them for benefits, not to the Big Three. Don't give a dime to either. Drain the pork trough and let capitalism free.

Since our automakers don't have the stones to meaningfully negotiate with unions, let the Big Three go through bankruptcy where the unions will have to negotiate meaningfully. It will make the auto industry stronger. Well, that and a 500 HP Mustang. Midnight blue. With twin pipes and a close ratio shifter with a truck clutch. And not one damned green thing about it.

Screw The Voters, Let Franken Rule Now!

Franken to Go to Washington to Meet Democratic Senators
Saying it's too presumptuous to go to freshman orientation, Minnesota Democratic candidate Al Franken is still gearing up for a victory in the tight Senate race against Sen. Norm Coleman.

Democrat Al Franken says he'll be in Washington, D.C., this week to meet with Democratic Senate leaders.

There's an orientation for new senators being held this week, but Franken told WCCO-TV on Sunday that it would be too presumptuous to attend the orientation with the race between him and Republican Sen. Norm Coleman still unsettled.

Coleman leads Franken by only 206 votes, and a statewide recount will be conducted starting this week to determine the winner.

Franken will meet with Senate leaders on Tuesday. Franken spokeswoman Colleen Murray says Franken has also hired a transition director so that if he comes out ahead after the recount, he will be ready to serve Minnesotans.

Al is obviously a graduate of the Reverend Jesse Jackson School of Government which makes Al even creepier.

Thanks to Tom Blogical for this clip.

Screw The Constitution, Let Obama Rule Now!

Hidden in an article is this little gem from the Reverend.

Jesse Jackson concerned about Bush's last days
"All of that talk of bipartisanship begins now," Jackson said. "And the new president deserves his vision to be implemented immediately."

Obama deserves? And exactly what is his vision? He forgot to relate that vision to us and the media wasn't exactly on the hunt for it either.

Maybe someone could explain that transfer of power thing to Jesse. He seems not to have a clear grasp of it, but then, what does he have a clear grasp of outside of grasping for power and extortion of corporations to grasp a little more.

This is getting funner all the time...