Tuesday, July 08, 2008

TV One Loves Obama, But Not McCain & Eight Black Republicans

Same old, same old, if a white did this....

TV One to cover Democratic convention -- but not Republican
"This is a huge deal for TV One as it is for the African American community," said Johnathan Rodgers, president and CEO of TV One, a channel in about 40 million homes. "African Americans have fallen in love with Barack Obama’s family, his candidacy … we will be covering the democratic convention all the time."

But John McCain shouldn’t expect the same treatment. The network doesn’t plan any coverage of the Republican convention.

"We are not a news organization," said Rodgers, speaking at the opening session of the semi-annual Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills. "We are a television network designed to celebrate African American achievement."

"My audience is 93% black," Rogers added. "I serve my audience."

TV One does have a republican pundit as part of its convention coverage, comedian Sheryl Underwood. But she’s also voting for Obama.

When critics pressed a panel of TV One’s convention pundits about whether African American republicans will feel slighted, Underwood said, “I speak for all eight of us -- we are not slighted.”

Of course we all know that blacks can't be racists. They just act like them, like when I was called a cracker and my friend, who was black, was called nigger and Uncle Tom because we were walking down a street together in NYC.

Southwest Airlines is Gay Friendly, But Not Child Friendly

A coincidental update to Undercover Marketing about Southwest Airlines.

A 14 year old relative is coming to visit and is flying in on Southwest Airline. While perusing their website to find out about travel assistance for a child I found all about their partnering with the gay community which I wrote about prior to this.

It appears Southwest is anxious to continue enhancing the travel experience of the gay and lesbian community and have dedicated a web site to feature great gay-friendly destinations, events and special offers throughout the year. How nice.

I called the airlines when I couldn't find anything about assistance for an unaccompanied minor on their web site. I was informed that Southwest does not offer such a service and that I should have an adult fly with the child or at least have child who is competent to read signs and get from gate to gate. How nice.

Did Gordon Brown Clean His Plate??

If not, I suggest grounding him and no sweets for a month. Oh, and a BIG time-out for the hypocritical little food waster.

Obama Making Himself Dizzy

Barack Obama's shift on Iraq draws fire from the Left

If this guy keeps morphing we'll have to call ghost buster just to identify where he is at any given moment.

Before he had to admit he was wrong about the surge, Obama said:

We're not going to baby sit a civil war.

Then he was going to make an assessment after he spoke with our commanders in Iraq. Oops, then he made his own assessment based on the anger of his far left base.

Sill, BO isn't quite sure what he's going to do or when he's going to do whatever it is he isn't sure about. That is until elected. Then he's going to do what the electorate wouldn't vote for him to do, pull out of Iraq, negotiate with Islamofascists and doom 50+million people in Iraq and Afghanistan to a bleak future and probable death.

Undercover Marketing

Gay-Friendly Destinations
Let us take you to cities known for welcoming
cultural diversity. Traveling to destinations
known for hosting gay events and activities
is a great opportunity to celebrate with your
family and friends. While you're there, head on down to the local hot spots! Take a look, too, at some of the travel tips we've assembled to help make your journey fun and (we hope) hassle free!

I can't say I have seen much about this in the media.

Suicide Is Painless

But shouldn't religious bodies be against it?

Church Votes For Women Bishops
Members of its General Synod threw out compromise proposals on females in senior ranks.
All safeguards demanded by traditionalists were rejected.

Sky News correspondent Mike McCarthy said: "It's a historic and very significant moment for the Church of England.

"The real test now is how many people will leave (the Church). There are certainly going to be many wrestling with their consciences."

Aren't these the same that implied evangelicals are rubes because they refused to compromise? Of course, evangelicals believe the Bible is the word of God. Unlike the Anglican intellectuals.

All that glitters...