Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Left Says Pamela Geller And Robert Spencer And The Right Were Responsible For Slaughter In Norway

How can this be news? Well, the Left has been spouting this claim (with their little Leftist puppets who get out their cut and paste tools to help in the spreading) for so long they probably believe it now.  Savants will then pile into comment sections of various blogs, forums and other places they’re still allowed to comment in and quote other Leftists to ensure that they are not alone as a way to further spread the lie.

They say politics is even more polarized now, but politics has always had liars and dirty campaigners.  No more and no less than now.

UPDATE: Various LibProg commenters on different conservative sites jumped on the bandwagon to now portray conservatives as haters of humongous proportions by comparing them to National Socialist German Workers' Party, aka Nazis, thus proving Godwin's Law once again. They are childishly doing so because Breivik, Nazis and supposedly conservatives hate minorities. How many minority people did Breivik kill? How many were Muslim?

UPDATE II: Right on cue the sockpuppets and mere puppet savants show up to not answer any question, but to repost their cut and paste comments that have already been rebuffed more than enough to make the original writers and their articles unreliable. That the Leftists that continue to repost the lies they become liars themselves. They know that, but don't care because the meme they push is all that is important to them. They are not honest liberals, new or traditional, to be respected of which there is legion. No, they regurgitate the same lies they have borrowed or stolen from other websites that have been cut and pasted from other sites that knew they were lies, but posted them as truth because that is all they have. They have noting else. They can't say that Breivik killed any Muslims because if he did the Norwegian government would be screaming about it. They say that conservatives hate government, Muslims and immigrants when they know this to be a lie. Conservatives want smaller government, legal immigration and are definitely opposed enough to fight radical Islamofascist Muslims that have murdered worldwide including over 3,000 here in America.

“I think it would be a good idea if President Obama faced some primary opposition.”

Says the left's ultimate leftist, Bernie Sanders, in a story about Obama's crumbling base. Better the Demos be rid of him, but that won't change that somehow Bush will be blamed. That's all the left has left. Blame. Bush.

Oh, they still have Bernie and Barbara Lee who is actually less intelligent that Sheila Jackson Lee and a host of wunderkind, but Wu's counting anymore.