Monday, April 12, 2010

Does Obama Have an Inferiority Complex Or A Need To Self Consciously Belittle Himself As An Apologist Or Loser?

I believe he'd bow at Mao's and Stalin's craven caskets. And maybe wet kiss their waxen preserved murderous corpses. As opposed to the Marine Corp. Not all corpses are pronounced the same. Nor do they mean the same thing.

But his saccharin pussiness does connotate something.


Welcome To ObamaCareEconomy: Your Life Will Suck

No taxes for 95% of Americans, according to Obama. Yeah, right. That's a lie, but there is a hidden tax lie. The loss of income

Income falls 3.2% during Obama's term

Obama's economic plan is costing you money today and everday. Food for the family, clothes for the kids, uniforms for the child that participates in sports? Add 3.2%. At the price of each pair of lunches, books, new local school taxes and fuel costs for buses, you're getting screwed by this administration. Piece by piece. Cost by cost.

Welcome to the world that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Waxman and the rest of the absolute liars in congress have brought you. They have to lie in their attempt to gain support for programs that they want you to think to be fair. It's not fair, but liberals want you to think it is a level playing field .Liberals lie to themselves and to you this way.

The average American will pay more and pay more for the basics to pay for those that won't pay because Democrats want their votes. With Obama, they are supplying that with which they believe quitters, losers and bums will continue to vote Democrat. Hopefully, to Democrats, for a majority.

The taxes will be higher and your income will be lower. A double tax.

Tired of it yet?

The Rage That Has No Name

Ah, anonymous rage is all the rage right now, at least on the left. When leftists write hate filled letters on news websites, it is okay. When leftists beat up those they disagree with at rallies, it is okay. When leftists push elderly people down because they don't like being told to be polite, it is okay. It's okay because the left is desperate in their attempt to portray conservatives, especially fiscal conservatives in the Tea Party movement as angry white, racist, elitist old people.It serves their purpose to do so whether the think it is true or not. Doesn't matter. It's just another way the Left trys to stifle debate.

So, now, in their attempt to control debate in the media, they are all wailing about those mendacious right wing anonymati writing comments about news or opinion pieces online. OMG, it is for thee, but not for me!


It's almost as if they Left has lost its patience with their lesser friends on the right. What a hoot.

Astroturfing Health Care Benefits For The Rubes In Ohio

Organizing for America, formerly Obama for America, is asking all good Democrats to flood newspapers with Letters to the Editor supporting health care reform.

Unreal… Obama’s Organizing for America Website Running Astroturfed ‘Letter to the Editor’ Campaign Complete With Instructional Video

They even admonish their cadre to: "Do not use these points verbatim." Unfortunately, people do.

A quick search of printed letters here in Ohio show mere cut-n-paste "original" letters. (click to enlarge)