Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACORN: Brothels 'R' Us Starts Murder, Inc Franchise?

The US Census has kicked them off the team, ongoing investigations into voter fraud and racketeering and convictions for election fraud, congressional investigations, possible investigations by the IRS and their old lawyer and current cheerleader, President Obama, is in the White House.

Prostitution, underage prostitution, illegal mortgages, tax evasion advice, direction on how to lie to local officials, banks, schools and the police and now a confession of murder?

All brought to you using your tax dollars compliments of Democrats in Congress.

Brooklyn, NY
and now California.

ACORN's spokesman, wearing a very spiffy and metro sexual suit, sniffs that there is nothing wrong. Another ACORN person says that losing federal money won't hurt a thing.

One time is a fluke.
Second time is an Uh-Uh.
Third time is a pattern.
Fourth time is committee policy.

This is pushing the envelope even by community organizers' standards/

Health Care Reform Has Nothing To Do With ObamasCare

Health Care Reform as viewed by the Obama Administration and Democrat leaders in Congress has nothing to do with health care or its cost. It is a pay back to lawyers, government control and union growth.

With a stroke of the pen Obama could dramatically cut costs by 30% - 40% with national malpractice reform and effecting portability of health insurance by individuals and the ability to purchase insurance whether that policy is in-state or out-of-state.

Lawyers hate this idea as do unions. Both want a federal program that protects and promotes their agenda or they want to fight it out state by state because they think they can win those fights. They are categorically against federal malpractice reform and with the current programs being discussed in Congress they know that, in enacted into law, health care will eventually become a federal government health care system. A one pay system that will unionize doctors, nurses and administrators much like federal, state and local government unions. That would be the future base for victory for Democrats in elections while the trial lawyers would continue to fund Democrats.

Health Care Reform would be a victory for Democrats and their allies now and in the future. It would not be a victory or reform for the people.

California enacted malpractice reform approximately 30 years ago and has saved consumers there about 40% of cost. Texas, in 2003, enacted malpractice reform and has seen costs drop by about 30% as well as the return of doctors who had fled the state and other doctors looking for an environment in which they could practice with economic security moving into the state. Texas also saw almost a half million previously uninsured people covered and approximately a half million new jobs created.

Malpractice reform, portability and the ability to purchase out of state health care would be real reform. More federal government control, benefiting lawyers, unions and government officials and bureaucrats, is not reform. It would be a disaster.

Oh, by the way, medical personal in government enities such as the VA don't need malpractice protection. They can't be sued.