Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bill Batchelder for Speaker - Ohio

I am in absolute agreement with Right Angle and Viking Spirit concerning Bill Batchelder being elected Speaker of the House for Ohio. Mr. Batchelder has maintained his integrity, honesty and intellectual inquisitiveness all of his adult life.

As a young man he attended Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware Ohio and took the conservative political point in a very liberal atmosphere. He did it with intelligence and good humor and won many people to his side and garnered the grudging admiration of many others, including professors. In the poisoned environment of Vietnam, rapidly changing morals and anti-American attitudes he took many a jab, some incredibly unfair, and bounced back to continue his march. As a very young man I saw it first hand.

Now, though not elected yet, Mr. Batchelder will lead in the House. Those that choose to follow will help maintain the Republican majority for years to come and hopefully will also bring Ohio back from the brink.

Building: Gulf Tower, (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Illustration: Hugh Ferriss (1928)

Architects: Trowbridge & Livingston, E.P. Mellon

Medium: Charcoal

American and Iraqi soldiers take 6 Iranians in raid.

Iran shocked and dismayed by accusations of terror links.

One Iranian MP said it showed America's cruelty and meanness.

Oh, boo hoo.


Our enemies, terrorist nations all, DON'T agree with President Bush concerning a troop surge to kick their collective asses out of Iraq!

In fact, they denounced President Bush.

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran and Syria on Thursday denounced President Bush's
new Iraq strategy that blames them for fueling violence in the war-torn country,
and they said the plan to send more U.S. troops would only increase bloodshed.
Bush's speech Wednesday night underlined his staunch rejection of
recommendations that Washington reach out to Syria and Iran in an attempt to
calm Iraq.

Instead, Bush set out plans to isolate the two countries, calling on
help from Arab allies and vowing to cut off Syrian and Iranian aid to militants
in Iraq. He announced the deployment of an additional aircraft carrier battle
group and Patriot air defense missiles to the region — seen as muscle-flexing
toward Iran.

In Tehran, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said Bush's
plan to send 21,000 more troops to Iraq was a "continuation of occupation" that
will only "extend insecurity, danger and tension in the country. This will not
help to solve Iraq's problems."
Syrian Vice President Farouk al-Sharaa said
Wednesday prior to Bush's speech that the American troop surge was "not a
positive step" and would only "pour oil on the fire."

Oh, others have denounced President Bush's goal to win also. Their names are:


Congress is a coward

or a liar.

or just a bunch of hack politicians.

I think Congress is the new Butcher of Baghdad.