Monday, August 16, 2010



'Change' Failed So "Let's Reach For Hope."

In a nod to Democrats past Obama is attempting a "We have nothing to fear but fear itself," shtick to buttress his fading message of hope as the pushback against his "change" grows across America.

Obama pleads to voters: 'Don't give in to fear'

Using very catchy metaphors such as his one about Republicans and driving: put the car in "D" (as in Democrat) if you want to move ahead, "R" if you want to go backward, Obama is trying to rally Democrats to head off what they fear (oops!) will be a disastrous midterm election. They hope (oh yeah!) that with Obama in full gear campaign mode and without the burdens of actually being president that Obama will re inject his stump magic into campaigns.

If I were a Democrat running next November I'd be afearing what Obama asked for and was given by pliant Democrats in Congress. The real change wrought by Obama and Congress is a shattered economy that will only get worse and the only hope for Democrats is that November isn't a total blowout.