Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SHOCKER: Ohioans Really Believe Romney A Viable Human

I love to watch people swoon over polls. Just as the military made up the bulk of the beginning of the anti-war movement leading up to the Vietnam War, today's campaign professionals know a pig in a poke when they see one, polls.

Such luminaries of the polling world as the New York Times and the Washington Post have been wrong so many times as to convince watchers to bet against them every time because the odds against being right. It's easy to bet against in-kind political contributions when they are transparent lies. That local news outlets simply pass on the lies is a given, especially in these cut-and-paste days of no reporting.

In the 2012 presidential campaign these same in-kind contributions are being made again all over the country and especially so here in Ohio where The Washington Post has Obama up by 8 points. Maybe in downtown Toledo where Obama should be up by 16 points if there were any people living in downtown Toledo.

The press in its herd mentality has been reporting on Romney's "worst week" as if it were true because that is what they do to help their guy. The week was so incredibly bad for Romney that Obama needs a +10 Democrat weight in the polling to have a slight edge, but it must be reported that Obama is up by 8 so that republicans get depressed and the Romney campaign must spend more money to counteract such lies. That is campaigning here in Ohio, Romney VS Obama and his lapdog media.

How to account for the massive crowds appearing at Romney, Paul or Romney/Paul rallies here in Ohio? Simple, in this "new" campaigning, voters don't believe the media nor their polls. In short, the voter knows they are being lied to because it is the new norm which they do not like, but accept as reality. They accept that they cannot change. They cannot change that they have no longer are a part of because the voter has left the mainstream Republican and Democrat process because they see it for what it is. Fixed. The old guard wants to control Romney, but with his pick of Ryan he quietly told them, "No, thank you." Now they take pot shots at him, his campaign and what he says.

Ohio believes Romney to be a decent man and a good candidate. Ohioans really believe Romney a viable human. They also believe he can beat Obama. I know I do.