Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Best Comment On A Blog

Comment made in reply to this story:
Beyond Parody: Gore and Friedkin at La Scala

The comment:
Next, they’ll make “An Inconvientent Truth - On Ice!”

Remember, it isn't weather, it is climate. When you're up to your butt in ice, you'll remember aLgoRe's warnings. Maybe you read it on his internet while watching his Love Story.


No, this is not in Russia or Dubai. It is in Whitestone, NY and there is no excuse for this. Really.

Baroque F'ing Obama

via Gateway Pundit

L'Horreur!... Sn-Obama Embarrassed Americans Cannot Speak French On Our Vacations to Europe

There just isn't much Baroque likes about America and Americans. We're greedy white people even though we supposedly paid the fare for Obama's family to get here and then educated him. We're racist even though he seems to be the one that brings race up. We're clinging to our guns and religion even as he throws his under the bus along with his mentor and pastor. Our taxes aren't high enough. Our world class health care sucks. Our hope and love for the yet to be born is infantile and wrong. Our desire to free 50+ million people in Iraq and Afghanistan is wrong, wrong, wrong and misguided.

Our desire that immigrants learn English, learn our laws and support their adopted country is bad enough, but worse yet is that Americans just won't take the time to learn another language, say like FRENCH!

Nous devons changer parce que nous suçons. Vous l'écume de swiftboating.

Why doesn't Barry Baroque Obama just cut to the chase and ask Soros to buy the damned White House, rent Kerry's fake french furniture and make Obama Le roi de soleil of America?

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