Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Obama Blew It, But Emotionally So

He brought up the murderer Ted Kennedy. Where is the medical care Mary Jo Kopechnic needed.

Obama did make a very fine emotional speech until he started talking about "what we came here to do." The federal government can not run health care. They can not run it efficiently. They can not offer quality. They can not run anything well. They are the government.

By definition, they screw things up. They have proved it every day they have been in business. They have shown it with every program they have been in charge of since the Republic began.

Screw Medicare. Screw Medicaid. The federal government would show a sand shortage three weeks after taking charge of deserts.

Everything Obama stated tonight was a lie or it is attached to a lie.

Obama blew it. As expected. As expected, he delivered.

The bully pulpit should never be confused with the pulpit.

Obama thinks talking like a pastor lends truth to subject.

He blew it big time.

He lied.

Treasure Lost Treasure Saved

Original Seneca County Courthouse in Tiffin, Ohio.

Seneca County Courthouse saved (minus tower) in 2009.

Original Franklin County Courthouse, Columbus, Ohio demolished in 1974 and replaced by another glass box tower.