Monday, August 20, 2007

Reading about Webutant's 3,000 mile drive from the great northwest to the beautiful southeast made me think of two things. First how large, varied and beautiful our country is and just how much my rear end hurts.

For a number of years, back when the earth was still cooling, I used to make the big swing from Ohio down through Texas and on to Taos, NM, up to Estes National Park and back to Ohio with stops in between. I did this in about six weeks. How long ago? Well, I climbed to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and face climbed in Estes and it made me feel good. Now I get winded making coffee.

Those trips were great. I mixed a lot of climbing, hiking and rafting with visits to museums and one-on-one time with artists. I was allowed, as an Anglo, to photograph the ancient interiors of Taos Pueblo, but I also got stoned by a then young group called AIM for my effort. A few stitches to the head and knee, but my Leicas and my film were not damaged. NG didn't accept the photos. Bummer.

Canyon De Chelly, Bandelier, Gila and other astounding places are now mixed with "The Shed" (a then rare blue corn tortilla) in Sante Fe, "The Brown" in Denver ( a hotel with more ghosts than there are Teamsters) and sleeping under a sky that only God could have created.

I could bore you, my minion, with more, but I am going to pull out my journals from that time which I have not looked at for some time.

Oh, back to my buns. Just thinking about those drives makes them hurt. All done in a little "2002" with an air conditioner that had to be Union. It only worked when and how long it chose to work and I, as owner, had no say in the matter.


Liberal Polls Don't Lie

Only corporate and conservative polls lie, because liberals love the children, puppies and everything good in God's their world.

Want more programs, just find a down trodden group. Such as more programs for education even though with all the new programs children are falling behind in the three "R's". Sex education is going swimmingly and children know more about lesser figures in history because of the color of the figure's skin or their sex, not their deeds. To fit all this "important" information in just cut real history, english and the sciences including math. No matter, because now we'll have well-rounded children that can't balance a checkbook, fill out a job application or invent truly life enhancing products and processes. After all, a child that doesn't know the basics will be supported by the government, but a child that doesn't understand multiculturalism is down trodden.

Want to raise taxes, raise them for the children. If the current children's programs might appear a tad over financed to the voters then find a new program for the children. In this case, the liberals are getting two birds with one stone, possibly three. More money, more program and more government power. This is a liberal triple play.

Tax Increase on Tobacco Gains Support in Congress
Recently, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids presented to House
Democratic aides a survey it funded that showed substantial support -- even
among smokers -- for raising tobacco taxes.

Wow! Give the government and its bureaucracy more power to control save us from ourselves, more people on the public dole, grow a government program and take more taxes from us. All for the children!

This is where polling comes in. If a liberal special interest group funds a survey, it is gospel. Would a gospel lie about smokers wanting smokes taxed more? Of course not, it's gospel.

Who says liberals ain't got no religion?