Wednesday, September 26, 2007

BTW, Secret Journey

My wife and my in laws took me on a secret journey to Cape May and a store that specializes in political paraphernalia and Japanese ivory pieces.

I bought a lot.

It was wonderful.

Tonight we are off to a special dinner.

It is all for my health.

BTW II: I cut my smoking by 90%.

My doctor is still pissed.

I missed it when Tom Blogical first questioned my condiments. My apology, but the bourbon and homemade mustard are fine and the homemade horse radish is a gift from God.

I blame the biscuits.

Henceforth, biscuits will only be eaten when served.

Rather, A Lie That Is True- A Liar That Seeks The Truth Through Deceptive Lies That Seeks The Truth Through An Endless Circle Of Lies

Rather chokes up, and hunkers down

Dan Rather has always been a posuer. From his lax knee hoisted on the bumper of a Jeep in Vietnam to his laughable forgeries to try to discredit President Bush just before an election, Dan has always tried to be the kid with the drive to produce the firstest with the mostest.

A Boy Scout Dan is not.

Dan Rather is not rather smart.

Dan Rather has and is drinking his own bath water.

Dan Rather is dumber than Cher.

Dan Rather is a noir gumshoe who got a beat and blew it.

Nick Nolte does Rather better than Dan does Rather,

How sad is that?

Sadder than a stone without a riverbed. Sadder than a lyre without a liar.

Sadder than Clinton without a blue dress. Pick your Cinton. No matter.

Love. Justice. Kindness. Dignity.

Brian Williams: Well what will you do?

el Al Waleece: I will invade Iran and defeat the Iranis on
their own ground.

Brian Williams: Invade? That's impossible.

el Al Waleece: Why? Why is that impossible? You're so concerned
with squabbling for the scraps from Ahmadinejad's table that you've
missed your God-given right to something better.

There is a difference between us.

The difference is here.

Not enough chicken bones to choke on for this fĂȘte.

Hatred In The Heartland

Bizzy Blog has a great wrap up on Islamofascists in Ohio.

In Cleveland: Meet the New Imam, Same As the Old Imam?

As Ohio goes, so goes the nation, eh?