Thursday, April 24, 2008

Obama & The Amendments

Not a musical group as far as I know.

I have always loved listening to people whine about negative political advertising because the whiners are those that just got skewered. One step further, people whining about negative political advertising don't even know what real negative advertising is and what it is not.

If campaigner #1 does a bone head thing and campaigner #2 points it out, that is not negative advertising. If, after getting hit, campaigner #1 hits back with scurrilous nonsense, that is negative advertising

I am supporting John McCain, but I am allowed by the secret society of evil Republicans to disagree with him. Really, it's in the bylaws, but written only in lemon juice. John McCain is wrong about condemning the North Carolina ad about the ever entertaining Jeremiah Wright that shows Wright making a complete ass of himself. That they tie Obama to Wright is not by inference because it is a known fact. That Obama gave the "speech" not disowning Wright, but disowning his words is as disingenuous as Nana Pelosi lusting with love for the troops, but disowning their mission even though the objects of her lust are getting killed because of her public disowning of their mission. If Nana had done this on the streets of Little Italy while growing up in Baltimore a little old lady would have spanked her and told her to go home before she completely disgraced the neighborhood.

When the uproar over Wright started, Obama chief strategist David Axelrod asked his friends at Jasculca Terman -- a public affairs firm -- to advise Trinity on how to handle the crush of media coverage, and they did, pro bono. Jim Terman, the president of the firm, said, "We were not asked to provide our advice about the reported speech of Rev. Wright in Washington" and did not know about it until it was scheduled.

McCain denounced the North Carolina GOP party ad. "It's not the message of my campaign," he said. He wrote a letter to the state party chairman imploring them to pull the spot. The ad "degrades our civics," McCain said. The Republican National Committee also told the North Carolina party the ad was not "appropriate or helpful."

Obama, in Indiana, said he assumes if McCain "thinks that it's an inappropriate ad, that he can get them to pull it down since he's their nominee and standard bearer." The spot as I write this has not been pulled.

I'm pretty sure that McCain's understanding of the amendments, I'm thinking 10th here, is guiding his deploring, but not allowing his ordering that the ad be taken down. This is something Obama won't even try to understand because the federal government and its employees, elected and hired, can and should do what ever they want and the Constitution be damned.