Saturday, August 21, 2010



APB: Zack Space Missing Again!

Zack wasn't at the OEC when they found he had made false statements in campaign ads.

Zack announced mucho bucks for broadband access. From where he announced nobody knows. He must have been out scouting placement of lines because he just announced it, but wasn't there to announce it in person.

Zack might be at Ground Zero doing inspections because he hasn't been around to state his position on the subject. Maybe he was in Las Vegas chatting up Harry Reid on the subject.

Zack might also beal so chatting up the SEIU and other previous union supporters about his brave vote against government health care. Or was his vote against the fact that the bill didn't go far enough? $25,000 is $25,000 and it beats having to actually meet with constituents and ask for donations.

Zack might be out there helping coal miners dig a little bit as contrition for screwing them out of their jobs by supporting Cap and Trade. Maybe. He hasn't been seen talking to his voters or giving them advice on how to pay the thousands of extra dollars in taxes to pay for it. Maybe that is what he's talking to the coal miners about. Well, that and how they're going to pay extra being out of work and all.

Wait! We found Zack! At least we found where he has spent some of his money. He is attacking people that disagree with him because they don't live in the district except they obviously know where the district is. Maybe Zack was the one filming. The video is taken from far away and is pretty shaky. Distant and shaky? Maybe we really have found Zack.

Maybe Zack is hiding out at Bob Gibbs rallies. It's not like anyone would recognize him. It's tough actually talking to constituents, especially when it takes so much time away from trolling Washington DC for campaign donations and support to the tune of $1,115,303.

I hope Zack calls home soon. There might be people worried about him

All I Want Is A Hibachi

Home Depot? Nada.
Lowes? Zip.
Sears? Only online (I want one now. Not next week)
Target? They have something called Son of Hibachi which means daddy isn't the real daddy.
Local patio store? Yep, they have a foofoo French model. For $110.00. Ain't happening.
Krogers? I asked and got a stare that only a dead fish could love.
Giant Eagle? "Honey, that's a great suggestion. We should get some in."
Lawn and Garden shop nearby? "We only sell real grills!"
Gander Mountain? Nope, but they had a cast iron pan I could hold over a fire.

With this administration's economy I might have better luck checking pawn shops.