Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hillary Thinks After 45-60 Million Killed China Is Plum Tuckered Out On Repression

Communist China has made murder an art form. Scholars estimate that the communist Chinese have killed between 45 and 60 million human being to attain the harmony that leftists here in America pine for. I think if teachers here read of the horrible deaths of their brother and sister comrades in China as they were forced out of the classroom and into manual jobs in rural areas they may have second thoughts about paying a tad more into their fund for health care.

Hillary, as astute as ever, has proclaimed that China's repression, after 62 years, is no longer "sustainable" as if repression is akin to energy or economic growth.

Hillary Clinton: Chinese Repression Is Not Sustainable

Hillary might want to think about Chinese dissidents in hiding, in jails or already dead. Maybe she can have a chat with those on the island of Taiwan or in Vietnam, Mongolia, Tibet or other "friends" that China has helped. As of now we can only hope Hillary's crystal ball is clear and in proper working order. Otherwise it could be tragic if that repression has a longer shelf life than she thinks.