Sunday, September 06, 2009

Zack Space: Please Call Home

Where is Zack Space? Anybody know? The poser from Dover has gone missing. The fresh face from nowhere is nowhere to be seen.

Labor Day? Labor may want to put out an APB, because the Congressman that represents labor by voting against them is nowhere to be seen.

Who the Hell elected this pretty faced boy loser? Will he be able to grant himself enough gravitas in time for the next election?

He votes against his constituents. he votes against his core supporters. He votes against anybody that wants to make a living, but he does get extra powder puffs from the Pelosi love salon.

Where is Zack Space? He was too busy to meet with constituents. Oh, he had a phone call with 60,000. Yeah, like anybody will believe that. But he isn't able, can't quite fit that in his schedule, to meet with voters in an open meeting in his district. He is too scared.

So, where is Zack Space? Anybody know?

Actually, does anybody care?

Gone in one.


Van Jones Gone, But Van Jones Is Just The First Loser To Go


Gateway Pundit has done the work that the MSM will not do, can't do, has been ordered not to do.

Van Jones is out.

How many wackjob losers are there like Van Jones in this administration? Truthers, Munmia supporters (even made an album with the murderer) and proponent of white America wanting black America dead. What a loser.

The Emanuel brothers are two people that should not be allowed anywhere near power, because they think power is a football game in the living room. Just like the Kennedy brothers. Government as competition, Government like a touch football game. Governing as a pink victory.

Let's start looking at the other Czars, hidden leaders, bureaucrats and other community organizers that the Obama administration has implanted in our future. They are scary and they are the wrong people and they should have nothing to do with our governance and our future.

They are, after all, Obama appointees, which make them suspect.

Van Jones was/is a joke. How many jokes can we afford?

Can anyone spell taxes, laws and freedom?

Michael Moore Is Boring

After years of being "edgy", Moore packs all the sting of a wet noodle.

'Capitalism is evil', says new Michael Moore film...

He is just predictable. And a bore.