Monday, January 14, 2008

Hollywood Pimps For Democrats

Personally, I am shocked. Shocked. Yeah, whatever.

Jennifer Aniston–$2,300 to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama

Tyra Banks–$2,300 contribution to Obama

Halle Berry–$2,300 to Obama

Zach Braff–$2,300 to Obama

Christie Brinkley–$2,150 to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton–$1,000 to Obama

Jerry Bruckheimer–$2,300 to Republican presidential candidate John McCain

Cher–$2,100 to former Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden

George Clooney–$2,300 to Obama

Michael Douglas–$4,600 to Clinton–$4,600 to Richardson–$1,500 to Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich–$4,600 to Dodd–$4,600 to Obama

Jamie Foxx–$2,300 to Obama

Kelsey Grammer–$2,300 to Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani

Tom Hanks–$2,300 to Clinton–$2,300 to Obama

Val Kilmer–$2,300 to Richardson

Tobey Maguire–$4,600 to Clinton–$2,300 to Obama

Steve Martin–$2,300 to Dodd

Lorne Michaels–$4,600 to Dodd–$2,300 to McCain

Bette Midler–$4,600 to Richardson–$2,300 to Clinton–$2,300 to Obama

Eddie Murphy–$2,300 to Obama

Paul Newman–$4,600 to Obama–$4,600 to Clinton–$2,300 to Richardson–$4,600 to Dodd

Edward Norton–$2,300 to Obama

Rosie O'Donnell–$2,300 to Clinton–$2,300 to Obama–$2,300 to Richardson–$2,300 to Edwards

Sean Penn–$2,300 to Kucinich–$4,600 to Edwards

Ellen Pompeo–$4,600 to Obama

Lynn Redgrave–$250 to Clinton

Rob Reiner–$2,300 to Clinton–$2,300 to Richardson–$2,300 to Edwards–$1,000 to Dodd

Chris Rock–$4,600 to Obama

Adam Sandler–$2,100 to Giuliani

Brooke Shields–$2,300 to Obama

Will Smith–$4,600 to Obama

Steven Spielberg–$2,300 to Clinton–$2,300 to Richardson–$2,300 to Edwards–$2,300 to Obama

Ben Stein–$750 to Giuliani

Ben Stiller–$2,300 to Edwards–$2,300 to Obama–$4,600 to Clinton

Barbra Streisand–$1,000 to Dodd–$2,300 to Clinton–$2,300 to Edwards–$2,300 to Obama

Oprah Winfrey–$2,300 to Obama

Renee Zellweger–$4,600 to Clinton

Need Spiritual 911 For Episcopal 666


Eyebrows were raised in Britain's House of Commons yesterday when a motion calling for the Church of England to be disestablished was listed with the number 666, symbol of the Antichrist.

"This number is supposed to be the mark of the Devil. It looks as though God or the Devil have been moving in mysterious ways," said Bob Russell, a Liberal Democrat lawmaker among those proposing the motion for debate.

"What is even stranger is that this motion was tabled last night when MPs were debating blasphemy," he added.

The motion calls for an end to the formal link between church and state in England - embodied in the Queen, who is both head of state and head of the Church of England.

Nah, but apt.