Monday, January 08, 2007

January 8, 1816

NYT- Critics claim no plan for the peace

LAT- Insufficient forces claimed by Jackson's staff

A ragtag band of about 4,500 frontiersmen, pirates, and slaves led by
General Andrew Jackson defeat 5,300 British troops at the Battle of New Orleans, suffering just 71 casualties while inflicting more than 2,000 British casualties. Ironically, a peace treaty ending the War of 1812 had been signed in Ghent, Belgium on December 24. 1815

Strickland delays execution

Ted needs more time to study whether Kenneth Biros should be executed.
Her head and right breast were hacked off. Her naked torso had been
eviscerated, the anus, rectum, bowels, bladder, and sex organs removed as
well. Later investigators discovered Tami's intestines, black leather coat,
and shoe in a swampy area near a set of railroad tracks Biros led them to.
Tami's blood was all over the gravel and the tracks themselves. Most of the
rest of her was found in the other dumping area, but at least part of her
liver was recovered from the trunk of Biros's car.

It turned out that Biros had invited Tami Engstrom to see the "cabin"
in his back yard. The cabin turned out to be an ordinary concrete shed in the
middle of the woods behind the house. Once he got her into the woods he tried to
rape her, then killed her by beating and stabbing her; the coroner determined
that she suffered ninety-one injuries and stab wounds before she died, including
at least five knife wounds after she was dead. The blood on his clothes and
shoes, as well as in the woods behind the house, would help convict him. He
carried her body in his car to desolate fields in Pennsylvania and tried to
dispose of it, but was under arrest just two days later.

When a person like Biros has torn the very fabric of society, he is no longer part of that society. Tami Engstrom was murdered and dismembered after an attempted rape on the night of February 7, 1991.

No wonder Ted took office under the cover of darkness.


Oh, and I hear the football team is pretty good as well.

UPDATE: Well, the band was good. The staff did not do what the team needed. Florida was pumped and ready to do what it needed to do to win. Ohio State had no direction and it showed.

First strike: Tressal

Don't go for another strike. Woody will rise from the grave and bitch-slap you faster than a coach who said Michgan might win.

Ohio Governor enters office under cover of darkness

It is going to be an odd couple of years fo Ohio. Prision psychologist and ordained Methodist minister along with hootenanny Franny are not now the first couple of Ohio. They became so just after midnight earlier today as most of Ohio slept.

Fran Strickland might publish a book of music because she can't cook and Ted plans to focus on residency ethics and be one with the people.