Monday, October 03, 2011

The Death Of The Left And Obama's Presidency?

The left is still running around in circles blaming George Bush for (enter subject here) and every time the sharpies on the left read, cut and paste polls, rants and other people's words on (enter subject here) moderate Americans move further right. When people hit themselves in the forehead with 2 X 4s repeatedly and then complain to the doctor that their head hurts the doctor generally tells them to stop hitting their forehead with 2 X 4s. Another thing that occurs is that other people start shunning them because they're unbalanced and possibly dangerous. This is a pretty good description on today's left in America.

From 2008 to 2010, North Dakota was the only state that did not suffer a decline in either its median family income or total employment. Over that period, the median income declined in every other state, while the number of people at work fell everywhere else except in Alaska and Texas. But, even amid this widespread distress, the sharpest losses were concentrated in the Sun Belt and the Rust Belt states—many of them among the swing states likely to decide the 2012 presidential election.

The unions are already pouring millions of dollars into Ohio and sending in foot soldiers by the thousands for this November elections. They will stay until the 2012 election. Other leftist groups are doing the same as well as universities and colleges. In short, if a group depends on tax dollars, government support and have a history of holding taxpayers hostage then they are pouring money into states they need to win in the hope they can at least save Obama.

If Obama keeps doing what he is doing now and the Democrats continue to insist on more taxes than they have already passed this could be the end of progressive politics for a generation. Oh, and Obama, Michelle and the kids will have to oversee the White House staff pack their belongings for shipment back to Chicago.