Thursday, October 07, 2010

When The Dam Breaks Will Biden Strangle Himself?

The next week or so will tell the political tale. At this point it appears that close races will start breaking for Republicans, but I am sure Rahm Emanuel left a "to do" list for Obama and the gang which no doubt includes many October surprises whether they are true or not.

West Virginia looks good for Raese, but one needs to remember that only winning by 4 or less points means he loses. If he can get above a 4 - 5 point margin he may win because at that point its hard to steal that many votes. Even for Democrats. Even in West Virginia.

Here in Ohio Strickland is pulling out the stops, but will lose. I hope the Kasich campaign sends a nice thank you note to Haley and the people at RGA. The Demos dropped slime in the state with sexual allegations against Ganley, but then who didn't know that wouldn't happen somewhere.The strange sexual peccadilloes of Democrats here in the state are well enough known to not even be news worthy.

Little Zack Space is trying to get people activated by lying about ideas for a national referendum on free trade, but that's Zack's style. I've sent a copy of the Constitution to Zack. Hopefully, he will have enough time after the election to read it.

Mary Jo Kilroy is in some incredibly deep doo-doo. She looks politically dour as she does in person. Down on the west side of Sin City Chabot is dealing Driehaus an old fashion butt kicking and the tin foil hat mayor of the universe, Kucinich, is reportedly actually having to campaign. Marcy Kaptur won't be defeated until the last barge that visits Toledo once a year offering false hopes stops.

As for Senate, is there still a Democrat candidate?

Husted is looking good. Dave Yost is in a salt and pepper race, but given that Demos are self demo-ing he should be able to pull it off. If one looks at the latest polling one would see a frustrated and depressed electorate. I guess that Hope and Change Progressive movement isn't what they wanted.

Even if Republicans win the House and the Senate (I think they will) the fools still in charge of print and film will declare it actually a loss for Republicans because they should have won so much more. But they will be right if the Republicans recreate the Congress they led the last time they were in charge, because they will have their butts voted out in huge numbers in 2012. If they don't know this then they are too stupid to be in politics. Well, at least too stupid to be in Republican politics. We eat our stupid.

Apparently, Democrats just strangle their dull voters.