Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Blame Gamers Have Forgotten Gabrielle Giffords

They never really needed her except for the image of a bullet hitting her skull. After that it was a simple trajectory of political blame and their game of one-upmanship to attempt to destroy their opponents. A body would have been nice, but not a necessity.

The necessity was to smash Palin or the Tea Party or Republicans or all of them in one blow that would probably have been possible before the Internet and cable when dinosaur media ruled the Democrat presses and airwaves.

The necessity now is to control the debate to win concessions concerning talk radio, net neutrality, Second Amendment rights and the Fairness Doctrine. No crisis should be wasted.

There never was nor is there a necessity to think of Gabrielle Giffords as a living breathing hurt human being. It might be a public relations convenience, but not a neccessity that she has a husband who loves her, but he makes a good backdrop of the astronaut and naval aviator. That he and other family members are in pain is really not important.

God can't answer the prayers of those that only pray at the altar of politics, but He will answer the prayers of people praying for the recovery of another human because no matter the politics they bring humanity to the altar of God.

I hope He hears my pitiful prayer that in the midst of this blame game we remember Gabrielle Giffords and all those that love her.