Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chris Matthews' Tingles Turn To Spasms

It is always fun to watch Chris Matthews. Not informative, but fun. As in funny.

This morning's show was especially funny as Joe Klein, Nora O'Donnell, Kathleen Parker and John Heilmann all stepped on each other to stigmatize Republicans and conservatives as nutty fringe haters willingly fomenting violence and government take over.

Joe, fondly remembering his anti-war protest days, even had a napkin with his notes on the meaning of sedition. Yep, we're all seditious.

Nora batted her eyes and restated firmly that she had, first hand, seen something and whatever it was, well, it was wrong.

Kathleen just looked sad. Weary work, reporting on those probably nice people in the Tea Party movement, but just like the Republicans, they have to divest themselves of the nutty fringe.

John, well, he probably spewed more spittle than Rep. Cleaver claimed hit him. Through his shower of indignation he did manage to bring up Waco, Ruby Ridge and all the other indicators of the current demise of the Republic, by the nutty fringe, including the Tea Party and all because our president is an African American. Did he mention that he is our first African American president? Yes, he is our first African American president and the extreme right, especially the surge of militias, hate the "change" in America, as witnessed by the election of our first African American president.

How new and un-American to have extremists on the right scream, "take our country back!" through their hatred of our first African American president. How ugly it has become that these extremists, nervous over the color change of our leadership (did you know he is our first African American president?), calling for more true representation by our representatives. (Please refer back to Joe's, he actually looked it up and took notes on his napkin in the Green Room, definition of sedition.)

As I watched I wondered how myopic these people are. Even as Joe fondly remembered his anti-war protest days, he spoke of the danger of the current protesters. That would be right wing protesters, not those lovable flower children that burned the ROTC building on my college campus as part of the protest movement that Joe fondly remembers.

I never heard any of the panel mention the eco terrorists that purposely maim loggers, the anarchists that mindlessly destroy property as they riot over perceived wrongs wrought upon them by the ruling government and I never heard from the panel about the infiltrators that attempted make Tea Party members appear, thus support Matthews gang thesis, as extreme right wing nuts.

Nora did look cute as she sat there. She was probably was going over her notes in her head that there was something out there that was wrong about these people. She knew it when she saw it, if only she could remember what it was. Maybe it was a black man who should've felt uncomfortable being a Tea Party member. I mean, shouldn't he have?

Chris just urged them on as he spoke of Republicans urging on the hatred. He got so excited he kept stepping on the panel's best lines. Those tingles turned to spasms as he realized that he, Chris Matthews, had uncovered the new American tradgedy, hatred on the right!
What a schmuck. But an entertaining schmuck.