Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Left Rewrites Economic History To Continue Blaming Bush

The left, desperate to maintain and grow its power, has rewritten history and economics to blame Bush for Obama's dismal failure as president, especially his economic record of failure. Unfortunately for the left none but their hardcore kool aid drinkers, are buying their alter reality.
If anything, the analysis is overly generous to President Obama because: (1) it assigns full responsibility for Fiscal Year 2009 to President Bush, despite the enactment by Obama of the stimulus, higher domestic appropriations and an expansion of TARP spending during that year; and (2) it gives Obama credit for the policies he intends to enact for the rest of his presidency, since we cannot judge his actual future record. The graphic compares the records of these two presidents based on the deficits, revenues and spending incurred by the federal government on their watch, expressed as a percentage of GDP.

The left will continue to lie about the economy and the history of deficits because to them facts are interchangeable whenever necessary to win elections. Whenever is now.

UPDATE: For mathmatically challenged leftists here is another picture that is easy to read and someone has already colored it so you can focus on the facts.

And another pretty picture to gaze at:

How did Mr. Nutting come up with this trickeration and mathematical sleight of hand?  He attributes all of the 2009 spending (except the Stimulus) to Bush instead of Obama and he uses the year to year percent increases as his comparison metric.
It is true that the government spending of the president’s first year in office is mostly approved by the previous president but Obama supported and voted for the Tarp spending and he didn’t try to reign in any of this spending during 2009.  Obama actually wanted a larger stimulus in 2009 (to the tune of an additional $1 trillion) so that hardly sounds like someone who is austere and wanted to keep the US on a tight budget.  So attributing the spending of 2009 to Obama is completely fair in my book.

Obama wanted to spend another trillion dollars on top of what he wasted already. Wow, what austerity!

Union Thugs Spread Their Love For Conservative Women

This time the union's target in their war on conservative women is SC Gov. Nikki Haley, a Sikh Indian, whose parents immigrated legally from Punjab, India. 

The joke went sour when the AFL-CIO realized just how poorly, once again, their jokes were playing out that they had to issue an apology to Gov. Haley. Elsewhere, other women are still awaiting their apologies. In vain.