Saturday, June 09, 2007

Birds & The Bees, Sherrod Brown Has A New Honey

Sen. Brown, legislators look to protect Ohio's bees

''The bee population in Ohio is declining at an alarming rate and
Ohio's fruit and vegetable farmers are at risk,'' Brown said in a statement.
''This bill would support Ohio's farmers by protecting the bee population they
rely on to pollinate their crops.''

Uh, that may not be the case. The well known Honey Bees were immigrants as well as us. They came from Europe.

Many of the real experts, Honey Bee keepers are skeptical:
Many beekeepers are skeptical of the reports or at least how they're adding
up. For 100 years, beekeepers have logged periodic reports of sudden and
inexplicable bee die-offs.

People refer the latest die-off by its initials "CCD," but one Georgia
beekeeper instead calls it the "SSDD" crisis for "Same Stuff, Different Day."

"People have lost bees from the beginning of time," Sowers said.

Also, Honey Bees do not pollinate corn, wheat, rice, rye, barley, and all the other grain crops as Scare-ed Brown and others imply.

Nice try.

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UPDATE: I love this line in my swamped comment section.
The new brown shirts are green. Cheers - Dinah

FUGLY: The Moonies Will Hate Us

California Eco Homes Double As Moon Units

Nader Khalili's affordable and eco-friendly ceramic, domed homes could
one day house the first settlers on the Moon.

Will they call it Turtle Bay?