Friday, April 16, 2010

25 SEIU Protesters Arrested At OSU: "We're just trying to get some publicity, that's all."

About 25 protesters arrested after demonstration at Ohio State
A crowd of more than 100 protestors faced off against about 50 police officers yesterday afternoon at Ohio State University in an attempt to bring public awareness to the conditions of Sodexo food-workers at university sporting events.

A majority of OSU's food service stands at athletics events are staffed by volunteers, but Sodexo employs about 30 full-time workers and 100 seasonal employees, university spokesman Jim Lynch said in an e-mail.

It is nice that the union negotiated with the police so they wouldn't get charged with more serious crimes. It was also nice they could stand around and joke with the arresting police officers while handcuffed. That alone shows a real respect for the law.

It goes without saying that it was very nice that the SEIU members didn't find an old person to beat up and then run away before being arrested.

Maybe someone could just offer them a nice cup of tea the next time they want to disrupt and disobey for some cheap publicity.

Ohio's Slo-Mo Choo Choo Just Like ObamaCare, Nobody Wants It

Jay Hottinger is a good representative. Our leftist brothers from Xenex want Rep. Hottinger to vote for Strickland's choo choo that, one day, might actually be able to compete with a tike on a trike betweem Cleveland and Cincinnati. Maybe. Definately there are many more convenient, faster and less costly ways of travel than Teddy's choo choo.

State taking risk by asking for rail study
Gov. Ted Strickland's administration will risk political defeat next week when it asks skeptical lawmakers to approve a $25 million study of passenger rail service linking Ohio's major cities, the state transportation director said yesterday.

On Wednesday, Rep. Jay Hottinger, a Newark Republican who sits on the Controlling Board, urged in a letter to Jolene Molitoris, the state transportation director, to hold off on the study. Moving forward now with a party-line vote would "poison the well for future discussion" and endanger the possibility of five votes for future expenditures, Hottinger wrote.

We, the voter, would ask our representatives to vote against this study, the train and any idea of the state taking on the cost, the responsibilties and further invasion into private commerce.

Strickland's train is a losing idea that is costly and will not meet the estimates of ridership because the train cannot rise to the expectations of a government that first praises what it wants and then condemns others when it fails.
Keep up the good work Jay. Stop the spending. Stop the taxing. Stop the government from getting any fatter off our dime.

Willie Dixon: There's Good And There's Great And Then There's Willie

"The blues are the roots and the other musics are the fruits." Willie Dixon.

Two sides of the man.

Provocateur Jason Levin Living On Crash The Tea Party T-Shirts While On Suspension From Middle School

I presume the T-shirts will display imagery and slogans stating that Obama was not born in the US, but on Xenex or that Obama is Hitler.

I still am wondering why Levin was Twittering porno vids at 9:04 AM on a school day.

Levin will get a ton of support from the left who supports his 1st Amendment rights, but not those same rights for those that think he is an dishonest and slanderous provocateur.

I won't be buying one of his T-shirts.

Teacher Who Sought to 'Demolish' Tea Party Placed on Leave From School

"You would think they'd be saying thank you"

For what? Your governance? Most certainly not for your economic and tax plan. In and of itself your tax plan shows a vision incompatible with that of America.

Obama makes light of anti-tax protests
President Barack Obama said Thursday he's amused by the anti-tax tea party protests that have been taking place around Tax Day.

It is through smoke and mirrors that Obama and his trolls on the innertoobs can make statements about how our taxes have been cut. While that is not true, they have not been cut, it isn't the point. The point is that Obama is growing government at an unsustainable rate and our economy and form of government is being ruined.

His arrogance seems to grow as he sees his unpopular legislation pass both houses of Congress.