Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ohio's Chris "Effing" Redfern Wants Appropriate Rudeness In Politics

How ironic is it to utter truth and Redfern in the same sentence? Totally.

Obama's Ohio "truth team" debuts

Asked if she meant Obama supporters would infiltrate Republican events and challenge statements made during speeches, Neuhardt said she was referring to events where "Republicans and Democrats both" would be at that are "open to the public."
"We'll do it in an appropriate, mindful way, recognizing the importance of thear language. conversation," said Ohio Democratic chairman Chris Redfern, also a truth team member. "The truth team, we envision, will be more of a rapid response, taking a message directly at locations where those individuals who align with super PACs or organizations in support" of GOP presidential hopefuls are present.
Yep, Chris "Effing" Redfern knows exactly what is appropriate. Should be a revealing show. BTW, the linked video is inappropriate and contains vulgar language