Friday, August 31, 2007

Slimed - Liberals Hate it When Troops Know The Facts.

I love this. Political opportunists screw the troops in Washington DC for political gain, but get incensed when they visit the troops in Iraq and their words are known to troops.

Lawmakers Describe 'Being Slimed in the Green Zone'

The sheets of paper seemed to be everywhere the lawmakers went in the
Green Zone, distributed to Iraqi officials, U.S. officials and uniformed military of no particular rank. So when Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.) asked a soldier last
weekend just what he was holding, the congressman was taken aback to find

In the soldier's hand was a thumbnail biography, distributed before
each of the congressmen's meetings in
Baghdad, which let meeting participants such as that soldier know where each of the lawmakers stands on the war. "Moran on Iraq policy," read one section, going on to cite some
the congressman's most incendiary statements, such as, "This has been the worst
foreign policy fiasco in American history."

The bio of Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher (D-Calif.) -- "TAU (rhymes
with 'now')-sher," the bio helpfully relates -- was no less pointed, even if she
once supported the war and has taken heat from liberal
Bay Area constituents who remain wary of her position. "Our forces are caught in the middle of an escalating sectarian conflict in Iraq, with no end in sight," the bio quotes.

"This is beyond parsing. This is being slimed in the Green Zone,"
Tauscher said of her bio.

In their own words, they are slimed by their own words. Isn't that special.

Good Lord, I'm thinking that libs are beginning to hate the Internet. That's DARPA's Internet not alGore's. Their words, their videos and their cheap political pandering can all be seen, heard and read by our troops half a world away and that ticks them off. Good.

They're ticked off that the troops are ticked off about being used as pawns as they are betrayed by those that think they're being slimed by being quoted.

Moran is one of the most arrogant bullies in Congress. He loves to use cruel sarcasm against helpless witnesses in committee hearings to belittle them.

I would have loved to seen Moran's face. Hell, I would've paid to see his face.

I hope our troops do this more. I think we should help our troops to get the word out.

Via Don Surber.


Is Harry A Morman Reid In the Wind?

I will not vote for Mitt Romney in the primaries, but I will vote for him if he gets the nomination. I'm funny that way, in that I support the primary winner in the general election instead of taking my vote and going home to whine when I don't get my way.

Take in all the drawbacks of a Romney candidacy that you will, but the unspoken one I "hear" most is the question of his Mormonism. Right or wrong, it is there.

Harry Reid is a Mormon.

Are these two men from the same planet, let alone the same church? Reid's pugnacious rope-a-dope style of defeatism is quite opposite that of Romney's bright eyed can-doism, but both men have had some success with their own style.

I think the true difference is Reid's personal agenda versus Romney's apparent style of serving the greater good. Which is an agenda of trust? Which is a style that people can trust?

More importantly, which agenda or style is one which will engender in others, say Iraqis, to trust the United States of America? This is kinda important in international relations even beyond Iraq and Afghanistan.

Looking Iraqis in the Eye

It should come as no surprise to anyone in the placid West that
ordinary Iraqis have been slow to rise in defense of their neighborhoods and to
join with the Americans in pursuing that task. They have simply been hedging
their bets. And why not? The antiwar declarations of the U.S. media, the
cultural elites, American academics and high profile Democratic Party
politicians tell them that America will abandon them.

Why would Iraqis join with the Americans, risking their necks, if
they believe the Americans will leave before the terrorists were defeated? Why
should ordinary Iraqis work with American soldiers in hunting down terrorists
when prominent Americans like John Kerry, Richard Durbin, Barack Obama, Edward Kennedy, John Murtha and Michael Moore tell them that those soldiers are as cold and as brutal as the terrorists destroying their families, and America’s most publicized civilian activist, Cindy Sheehan, is telling them that the man
leading those soldiers, George W. Bush, is the world’s biggest terrorist?

Is Mormonism our Sunni against our other Shia versions of the same religion? No, not now. There was a time when Mormons were literally hunted and killed. There was a time when Mormons hunted and killed other humans they disagreed with on religious and cultural issues. Isn't the fact that we, as a people, have evolved beyond to this newer sense of safety, an important fact when judging the differences of the people of Iraq, especially in view of the tragic history they have endured under Hussein and the current events of professional religious murderers in their midst?

I have known and worked with Mormons and I will admit their world view and their view of history seems a bit off to me, but then so do those of some other groups including some groups I would be considered a member of.

I believe Mormonism has made a positive effect on Romney. Reid? Who knows. I do know Reid is not to be trusted.

And so do the Iraqi people.