Sunday, January 08, 2012

NH Debate Recap By ABC

GS: Candidate A, What is America's biggest concern?

Candidate A: The economy.

GS: Concerning the economy, why do you want backroom abortions to return?

Candidate B: Jobs

GS: Concerning jobs, why do you want to deny gay and lesbian couples their rights?

Candidate C: Government overspending.

GS: Concerning government spending, will you allow individual states to ban contraception?

Candidate D: The international cabal at the Federal Reserve ruining our economy.

GS: When did you stop being an anti-Semite?

Candidate E: The erosion of our constitutional rights as witnessed by the growing size of government, government interference in our lives and our economy and governmental seizure of our rights, our property as well as the government's refusal to protect our nation.

GS: Speaking to all that, er, stuff you just listed, will you deny the right to marry, abort and dress in rainbow colors to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members of our society if elected?