Thursday, October 13, 2011

Progressive Rules For The Temper Tantrum Revolution

Rules for WI Radicals 
Never acknowledge conservative victories as legitimate.
Never concede defeat in legislative votes. There is always a cloud.
Litigate everything.
Rely on Dane County judges whenever possible.
Elections only matter if liberals win.
Shut down schools, bring legislative process to a halt, tie up the courts, extort  businesses, try to overturn elections … and then say “this is what democracy looks like.”
Private businesses, families, personal lives are all fair game. Get the Mainstream media to say that “both sides’ are equally guilty.
Create appearance of scandal and misconduct wherever and whenever possible.
Chant “shame, shame, shame,” a lot.
Break laws, ignore rules, commit fraud, flee the state, change standards at will – but hold conservatives to a standard of absolute compliance. (For example, using the open meetings law to tie up the union bill.)
If we can’t defeat conservatives  at the ballot box, we can discredit them and demoralize them. If we get inside their heads, we win.
Encourage conspiracy theories. Use the phrase “Koch Brothers,” as often as possible.
Create chaos whenever possible.
Demand investigations, even if there is nothing to investigate.  It adds to appearance of chaos and misconduct. Media will always bite.
Bully, intimidate, and threaten, unleash union thugs… but repeatedly accuse Scott Walker and the GOP of being bullies.
Hold many rallies.
Remember: there is no voter fraud, except when the charge works for our benefit.
Invoke ‘civility,’ when it is in our interest (to get conservatives to shut up), but otherwise feel free to use the vilest language possible. 
It doesn’t matter if an accusation against a conservative is true or false; the only question is: can we use it to win (or discredit and demoralize conservatives).
Don't respond to talk radio or other conservative media: discredit them. Remember they are never to be considered a legitimate alternative viewpoint: they are liars." (Politifact will be helpful.)
Rely on the conservative base to hold their own to a higher standard than we do. We don’t care about the private lives of Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, or Chris Abele, but they will turn on their own in cases where we would just look the other way. (The MSM accepts and embraces the double standard so use it.)
Accuse conservatives of hypocrisy a lot. Obviously we are immune to the charge, since we don’t have any standards… except getting our way.
Use every controversy to stoke leftist anger and paranoia and raise money.
Never, ever stop.

Just How Dumb Is Joe Biden?

Nobody knows, but...

In Flint, Michigan, Biden Warns Of More Rapes And Murders If Jobs Bill Not Passed

Joe's just helping out the multiple intelligences people. One listen to him and they know where not to look.