Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shut Up Mayor Bloomberg

Bloomberg attacks salt, smoke, fat and other personal peccadilloes, but not murderers and Islamofascists nor does he seem to interested in bedbugs, muggers and common thugs patrolling his city. Why should he when a few kind words for and some harsh words against those speaking about the proposed mosque near ground zero might be to his profit.

Ground Zero Mosque Madness: NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s Bloomberg LLC expanding its financial center to a regional hub in Dubai

Paralleling Mayor Bloomberg’s veiled insults towards those acutely aware of the historical Islamic conquest of non-Muslim lands by their building of mosques on top of or dominating a conquered people’s holy sites, is the concurrent Bloomberg LLC’s expansion of its Dubai financial center into a regional hub for the UAE. Founded in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg, who privately owns 85% of the limited liability corporation, Bloomberg LLC is a dominant player in global financial software, data gathering and news, commanding one third of its market niche estimated at $16 billion dollars.

The ultimate arrogance of Bloomberg is that he actually believes that others care what he thinks. He is the 8th richest American and Mayor of New York City. He is not the brightest man in America nor is he a national level politician, but merely a mayor of a city on the rocks. That he wishes to portray a mosque 2 blocks from ground zero, while knowing that its construction start is to be September 11, 2010, in a positive light is rank hypocrisy with the stink of private profit while in public office. It makes him seem just that much more a merely local scoundrel who has no place in a debate of the people, but maybe more rightly the subject of a debate by a jury of his peers.

Mayor Bloomberg is a rich spoiled arrogant embarrassment to honest hardworking people. He should just shut up.

1/2 Term President Obama

Sounds about right.

Obama, the one-term president

Q: Will Barack Obama be a one-term president?

A: Yes, he might last that long.

So Much For A Post-Racial America?

Race is on to make the first 3D porn movie