Sunday, April 27, 2008

Right On Cue Sharpton Enters Stage Left

America's own rage boy finds the cameras again.

This time people get shot for attempting to run down policemen and Al is enraged. Last time it was a 15 year old telling a horrible story which Sharpton ran with for all it was worth which was nothing when the story was found to be a hoax. Didn't stop Al. Won't stop Al. Al hates facts.

Taliban, al-Qaeda Lose More Local Support

Don't tell the Democrats that now there are more people willing to oppose the Islamofascists. Unlike Pelosi, etal, these people know what it means to believe.

Taliban bitten by a snake in the grass

The Taliban and their al-Qaeda associates, in what they considered a master stroke, this year started to target the Western alliance's supply lines that run through Pakistan into Afghanistan.

Their focal point was Khyber Agency, in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas, a key transit point for as much as 70% of the alliance's supplies needed to maintain its battle against the Afghan insurgency.

The spectacular blowing up on March 20 of 40 gas tankers at Torkham - the border crossing in Khyber Agency into Afghanistan's Nangarhar province - sent shock waves through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led (NATO) coalition. So much so that it made a deal for some supplies to transit through Russia, a much more arduous route.

The Torkham success was followed by a number of smaller attacks, and the Taliban's plan appeared to be going better than they could have expected.

Then came this week's incident in which the Taliban seized two members of the World Food Program (WFP) in Khyber Agency, and it became obvious the Taliban had been betrayed, and all for the princely sum of about US$150,000.

Their Khyber dreams are now in tatters.

Read the rest. It is a very interesting story of the Taliban and al-Qaeda running into problems when locals are offered a choice. They lose if the locals believe they, their families and villages will be protected. It's also called trust. Something the Democrats and liberals cannot understand. Trust in America and our allies. Rough concept for them.