Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's All About Clinton And Sex Again

So Sanford has come clean. Alas, another Republican has fallen and the vultures are laughing their heads off as the eat the corpse.

Update: It wasn't about Clinton having sex with Lewinsky. It was about the fact that Clinton lied under oath. It is also a fact that "Lewinski" is now a noun and a verb.

I was always taught to hate the sin, but love the sinner. You can bet I'm hoping that is true.

Sanford, Ensign, others and I'm betting there will be more, have disgraced themselves. They have also disgraced the party of family values. This disgrace is all the more bad because family values is what is keeping the party together since we forfeited that whole fiscal responsibility thing. Without the coalition of family values the Republican Party would lose so badly that Obama would start looking center of the road on policy.

The vultures are justified in trying to use these actions as a wedge to split the Republicans. Heck, there are republicans trying to justify reshaping the party by dumping the family values coalition. They are morons.

To no doubt bolster their credibility these vultures focus their attacks in vulgar terms meant to shock. They are completely incapable of understanding that we are already shocked. How could they understand that in which they do not believe.

More than shocked, we are saddened. Saddened for the families, saddened for the loss of morality in this country and saddened that men of such great promise showed, in the end, no promise of greatness.

They defend politicians such as Clinton and Frank and laugh out loud at men like Sanford because they believe the only thing these people did wrong was get caught.

Housing Collapse II

Just like he caused the first collapse, Ole Barney is up for it again.

Here we go again! Barney Frank asks FANNIE and FREDDIE to relax Mortgage lending rules...

I guess real estate has left a sour taste in his mouth.

UPDATE: The Taxman has more on Frank and lax standards which are two things that fit together.

Deja Vu all over again

Obama Grilling Out With The Butchers

Hot Dog Diplomacy: Obama Says It's Up to Iranians to Accept July 4 ...

Maybe Obama can invite Kim Jong Il over for Memorial Day and Putin on Thanksgiving to pray thanks for our freedoms.

There's always Easter for Hu Jintao and they can share an ice cream as they chat about China not sinking our currency.

How about Mother's Day for bin Laden? That would have a warm open glow about it. Sharing a Hell Burger might be appropriate as they share thoughts of motherhood and the American family.

I hope the hot dogs are all beef.

Ahmadinejad: Chairman Short Of The Butchers

Via Gateway Pundit:

CRACKDOWN IN BAHARESTAN SQUARE!... 3 People Shot-- Police Will Not Allow Protesters to Assist Them ...Update: 1 Woman Dead ...Update: Several Dead

I am of the belief that Obama may have placed too much confidence in one's ability to chat amicably with one's enemies and obtain favorable results.

Train Stations Demolished

Demolished! 11 Beautiful Train Stations That Fell To The Wrecking Ball (And The Crappy Stuff Built In Their Place)

Not on his list is Union Station in Columbus, Ohio. It was literally and figuratively a very cool station.

Above left is Union Station before demolition and to its right is what replaced it. It's call the Columbus Convention Center and the only thing worse than its architecture is its functionality.