Sunday, June 24, 2012

‘Come on, Tea Party, let’s get it on.’”

Liberals talk about Tea Party racism as they wish for a Palestinian victory over Jews. That has become normal. Racism against Jews has become the benchmark of leftists. They'll be wearing that. Good.

Racism of the normal leftist kind here in America is the racism of a supposed small town American elite that allows racism to be directed at those who disagree with leftists. Usually, in small, wanna-be colleges, made up of teachers who couldn't quite make it in colleges they wished to be affiliated with are the most vocal.. That's normal. They're predictable. Not smart, but predictable. They spout the same loser crap we heard an hour ago, yesterday, last week and indeed the last number of years. They are tiresome, but like hiccups, are accepted as a disturbance that appears and one must deal with.

Liberals are a bodily function that is unpleasant, expected and one that any sane person would hope goes away. They are small town teachers at small town institutions. They will never be anything else. Deservedly so. They will enjoy an endless serving of tofu, vegan crap and enjoyed smiles concerning information that no sane American will ever give one crap about. But they will increase their pensions. Because even worthless crap has benefits.

They feel and don't like facts. Facts get in the way of their stuttering, Pavlovian drivel feeling. That is their want and they are welcome to it. Facts really screw up their historical posturing and political discussions. Because history is against them. Liberalism, as practiced in America since 1936, is really socialism. FDR never planned for his bullshit programs to become permanent law, but because of his weakness, they did and we are weaker today for it. The New Deal was a program of loser programs that were not a new deal, but a loser deal. Oh, sure, we have social security, how's that working for us. It's broke.

How does this tie back into racism? Easy. Liberals will call anyone who disagrees with them, racists, for they are racists who will use Obama's race as a political weapon. They are nothing more than hucksters for a bereft political calling that Americans are now laughing at.

They want to make childish and stupid statements like," ‘Come on, Tea Party, let’s get it on.’”

 Oh yeah, let's do that. Losers.