Saturday, October 16, 2010

Obama Kills More Jobs In WV, Manchin Munchin' On Defeat

As the science on climate change climate disaster climate weirdness global warming comes under more scrutiny, ergo exposing its lies, Obama and clan double down on restrictions, laws, rules and regulations to kill more jobs to "allow" companies to more better fall in line with the administration's "you're with us or you're dead" PC agenda. The Green Agenda. The anti-Appalachia Agenda. The anti-American Agenda. The anti-Jobs and Working Man Agenda.

It's easy to be president if you're a professor. Facts and reality never get in the way of, well, reality and facts.

Did Obama toss Manchin under the bus?

Republican Spike Maynard received a big boost in his campaign to unseat 17-term Democratic Congressman Nick Joe Rahall on Friday as President Obama — through his EPA Administrator — pulled the plug on a major mine by vetoing its mine permit.

Come to think of it, Obama’s old buddy, Democratic Governor Joe Manchin got the flaming bag of dog doo on his porch, too.

Republican John Raese thanks The Won for small favors.

As the sign says: “Obama says, Vote Democrat.”

Of course, Manchin will say this is why he is West Virginia's best hope in DC. His being a guard dog for West Virginia. Because he is a Democrat. Because he grew up in coal country and now lives in the lap of luxury. How embarrassing for West Virginia.

Besides, what can a guard dog tea cup poodle do to a tea cup intellectual? The real question should be, what can a group of pissed off real Mountaineers do to a group of wussified greenies?

Me? I'll bet on the Mountaineers. Manchin, you deserve to lose, especially after your fake faux gun shots at the Energy Bill. Probably had fois gras with the gun powder. Nothing worse than a nouveau riche that fails at being nouveau riche.